Make Your Valentine Plans at Dallas Fish Market (Contest)

www.ThaninPhoto.comby Steven Doyle

Each year on February 14th people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

You do not need to be a martyr to understand the day that now represents love is bigger on the romance charts than any other on the calendar through out the year, and we have a way to celebrate that might possibly match no other in the DFW area.

Check out the menu presented to us by Dallas Fish Market Executive Chef Richard Triptow who is every bit an artist as he is a chef. He is also generous and has kindly offered to a pair of Crave readers dinner for two on the auspicious holiday. This will save one lucky couple enough to kick in for a lovely bouquet. For the rest of us the dinner is prix fixe at 65. per person (serious bargain for the beautiful downtown Dallas restaurant). Add 55. if you care for wine or champagne pairings selected by DFM Wine & Spirits Director George Calderon.

Make comments below and tell us about your favorite Valentine. We will choose a couple at random February 1, 2018. The dinner is Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at whatever time that evening you care to make a reservation. Reservations made at the website or call 214-744-3474

Choose one from each course of the following menu:

First Course

SUNCHOKE SOUP     nasturtium leaf purée

GRILLED RIDICCHIO SALAD    roquefort blue cheese, chive, hazelnuts

SPANISH MACKEREL TARTARE   tomato water, picholine olives, basil oil

BEEF TATAKI green onions, crispy garlic, red onion

SALMON MARINADE pickled cauliflower, daikon, tomato, yuzu’s jelly

 Second Course

LOBSTER MASALA    baby gold beets, asparagus, lemon garlic cream

PATAGONIA SALMON    cous cous, tomatoes, cucumber caviar, mint

HALF ROASTED POUSSIN     lavender-infused purple potatoes, citrus glaze, natural jus

BLACKENED FLAT IRON   udon noodles, maitake mushrooms, serrano, sesame-soy emulsion

BLACK COD WITH MISO    brown butter dashi, mustard tofu cream, parsley oil

GRILLED TOFU    golden raisin caponata, garlic purée, merlot-black olive emulsion

 Third Course

THE ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE PUDDING    raspberry-yuzu fluid gel, chocolate crumble, chocolate tuile

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM   lemon heart marshmallow, strawberry compote, olive oil cake croutons

RED MISO SOUFFLÉ   yuzu ice cream

 Wine and Champagne

G.H. Mumm ‘Cordon Rouge’ Champagne

2015 Cakebread Cellars, Napa Valley, Chardonnay

2014 Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon


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51 responses to “Make Your Valentine Plans at Dallas Fish Market (Contest)

  1. Libby M

    My favorite Valentine is my wonderful husband! And our favorite Valentine’s Day was the one we went super low key and enjoyed warm weather in a park!

  2. My funny and handsome valentine is my hubby! Our last V-day was spent lounging and relaxing – great time!

  3. Gary Thomoson

    My wife and I have shared 6 Valentines day together. If we win this will be our best!

  4. Charles

    Every day is like Valentines with Barbara.

  5. Benita Fuson

    My husband is going through cancer treatment and this would be so kind to win.

  6. Jackie Yates

    No Valentine but would like to take a friend!!

  7. Anna Price

    What a beautiful celebration this would make. I met my husband on Valentines day 12 years ago so it is always special to us. We dated for two years and married on Valentines day!

  8. The best valentine one can receive is a McNugget 20pc inside a heart shaped box. ❤

  9. Sheila Gorman

    I love it when you guys have contests. I am hoping for a date by then if not I will take a friend. Winner!

  10. Louise Hapner

    My new boyfriend will love this suprise. Count me in for this win or lose. Looks delicious!!

  11. Mary Gilliam

    How about award this to a few merry widows?

  12. Tess

    My Valentine would love this menu! 😊

  13. Gary Talbot

    Thank you for all you do Crave.

  14. Marissa L.

    I want to surprise my boyfriend with this!

  15. My favorite Valentine is a great dog dad, a super estate sale shopper and a phenomenal chicken fried steak maker. He leaves little love notes on the bathroom mirror and he always takes takes the trash out. What more could a girl ask for?!

  16. Tom Wexly

    I am a vegetarian but for my girlfriend I can do fish for a day. Romantic eh?

  17. Ryan Baldwin

    I first met my love while waiting tables about 15 years ago while I was in school. She stood by me through medical school while we had some pretty cheesy Valentine dinners the day after Valentines day. Sometimes DAYS after. She is the best and i would love to take her to Dallas Fish Market. We haven’t been before. Although I am an MD I will be poor for many years to come!

  18. My valentines day will be with my girlfriend. This will be our first and we are going to 🐐 goat yoga so that will be the best

  19. Denise H.

    I actually have a blind day set up for Valentines Day. We have been speaking on the phone for a few weeks and agreed to meet that night. Scary!

  20. Angela Friedman

    We are getting married a week after this Valentines Day.

  21. Sue Lee

    I love my husband so much and it would be joy to treat him to dinner.

  22. Jerry Marcus

    This is so cool. I would love to take my girlfriend.

  23. Skippy

    What is Valentines Day?

  24. Mike H

    My valentine is loving, giving, caring, and most deserving of a nice night out.

  25. How beautiful this dinner looks. Please send me and my forever love. Claire is everything to me.

  26. Sean and Jennifer

    We have never been but just moved downtown. We would be thrilled to check out this restaurant.

  27. Marjory Henton

    What a charming dinner!! I love my husband so much and would love to take HIM to dinner this year to Dallas fish house. The menu looks amazing.

  28. Mark Redding

    Count me double in. My girlfriend has a list of places to check out soon and this place is on the top ten list. She reads Crave too. Now you know why we are in love.

  29. St. Rho Dutton-tine

    This menu! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 for this pescatarian! 😍

  30. Greg R

    My wife, this will be our first Valentine’s as a married couple 🙂

  31. Adam

    Our second anniversary is this Valentines Day. My wife pronounces it Valentimes which I think is adorable.

  32. Diana Burno

    My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was a bouquet of handpicked wild flowers! Very romantic!

  33. Brandi Roa

    My favorite valentines was when I was 26 and newly single after a decade-long relationship. Several beautiful valentines including a lovely poem showed up on my front doorstep. So old-fashioned! I ended up going on a platonic dinner date with my next door neighbor…but feeling better about future prospects!

  34. Terry and Cheryl

    Oh yes I want this! My wife just finished months of cancer treatment and she deserves this.

  35. Mary H.

    I am new to Crave magazine but heard you did fun stuff like this. Me and my husband are new to Dallas and really enjoy your recommendations. Now we want you to take this former Californians to dinner!!

  36. Jonathan Bloom

    I have a date planned for that night that I am so excited about. Can you say proposal?

  37. Andrea Carter

    My friend sent me here to check this out and have been reading crave all day! What a fun local sight. Add me to the list as I would love to take my new boyfriend to dinner here for Valentine’s day.

  38. Tim Franke

    Love to take my wife to dinner Valentine’s Day. This looks sooo good!

  39. Mary

    I came home and my husband had cooked us dinner, which was a lovely surprise. He’s a much better cook than I am, but he doesn’t do it very often.

  40. Terry Dobin

    My wife has this great job but has to travel around the country most weeks. We both took off Valentine’s week to do a staycation of sorts and this would be perfect. We are staying at the Joule a few nights.

  41. Taylor Park

    My Valentine is my new girlfriend of a few months. She’s funny and great! This will be our first Valentine so want to make it a good one

  42. Mo

    My husband has been my valentine for the past 25 years.

  43. Oh my god! This is so cool, I want to take my wife.

  44. Love your contests, just wish I could win one. My best friend won a grill last year so that was cool. I would take my girlfriend. We eat out for dinner 3 or 4 days a week and have not tried this place yet. It looks pretty damned good. I looked up a few other stories you did on Fish Market in the past and it seems to be our kind of restaurant.

  45. Hell yes! Happy Valentines Day to me and my wife of 5 years.

  46. Cheryl and Tomas

    We would love to share our Valentines Day with you!

  47. My favorite Valentine has not found out yet!

  48. My sweetheart and I buy raw oysters every year and he shucks them while I cook. Last year’s menu included 2 dz oysters on the half shell, quail egg shots, mussels in a tomato chorizo broth, artichokes, and lobster trails. Food is clearly our love language.

  49. Taylor Park is our winner, congratulations!

  50. Jeff Flansbaum

    My wife had always been my Valentine

  51. Thanks again for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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