Popover Finds in Dallas

pop.jpegby Steven Doyle

A popover is a great find. Consider the roll to be similar in make up to that of Yorkshire pudding, made with an egg batter. Super light and airy these beautiful beats were made with beef drippings, but now lighter made with plenty of eggs and butter.

We found a few great versions in the Dallas area in case you have a desire to sample some on your own for good measure.

pop neimans.jpg

The most iconic popover is from Neiman’s Zodiac downtown Dallas which is served with plenty of strawberry butter.

pop dream.jpg

Dream Cafe also serves a nice popover but not nearly as airy as the Neiman Marcus version, still a good example also served with strawberry butter.

pop dallas chop.jpg

You will fight for the popovers at Dallas Chop House.

pop kenny.jpg

The popovers are fantastic in Addison at Kenny’s Woodfire Grill. Chef-owner Kenny once told us that a customer at his other Addison restaurant Kenny’s Italian begged for popovers and he sent an employee to Woodfire to fetch some for the happy guest. Kenny is just that nice.

la duni.jpg

La Duni does everything right including these popovers.

pop chamber.jpg

Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop also serves popovers but we thought we would show you this lovely filet topped with blue cheese butter because we missed lunch and this looks damned good.

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