Truluck’s Stone Crab Takedown

stonecrabby Steven Doyle

I recently wrote about the marvel that is the stone crab and all of its glory, such as heavy sustainability, deliciously sweet and dense claw meat, and it’s short fishing season which ends May 15th.

I also wrote about the hot deal that Truluck’s has on their stone crab each Monday where the claws are $79 for as many as you care to enjoy. In full disclosure I have been to truluck’s many times but never participated in the crab feast. It sounded exactly like something that would thrill me. I checked into Truluck’s last evening and guess what? It thrilled me. 

You begin dinner with a choice of lobster bisque or a beautiful wedge salad. I went for the latter. There are sides available and I wanted more greenery, so they brought me a platter of crisp asparagus. Joy!

Then the crab arrived. I did not dine all day and was ready for a blast of crab. They did not disappoint. The first batch was massive, they already knew I was there to test their limits.

carrot cake.jpgcrab.jpg

Stone crab come cooked and chilled with most of the shell cracked. The object is to peel away shards of the thick shell and make way for the very sweet meat. Dipping into the provided mustard sauce is optional, but the sauce is subtle and highlights the shellfish well. All this is much easier than crawfish to peel, but just as social. You spend some time working the crab, but just as much enjoying your meal. But I truly enjoy the social aspect of this type of dining.

In the end I ordered three platefuls of crab. This is more stone crab that I have ever seen and certainly ever enjoyed. I do not know my exact total, but let’s just say I may have received the better end of this deal. The crab are normally sold in half dozen and full dozens. I had many dozens and my belly was smiling. So much crab that I was unable to enjoy one of the best parts of Truluck’s: dessert. My toughest choice of the evening was not whether I should order more crab, but rather which cake to take home. The chocolate malt cake is legendary, and well, chocolate. The carrot cake is of the very best in the city and makes for an extra special breakfast treat. Carrot cake for the win.

Now I need more stone crab before the season ends.

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