Relleno Night at Mia’s

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Dallas has this rich Tex Mex history with various threads of families woven throughout a whole  host of restaurants, some dating back over 100 years. The Rodriguez family is certainly one of the most successful and include Mico Rodriguez’ ultra famous Micocina and more recently Mr Mesero and Mesero (although similar in name, both unique), and his mother’s very famous Mia’s on Lemmon to name a few.

Last evening I was invited into the home of Mico by Lisa Galvan who formerly owned Luna De Noche and Lunada, and now operates a successful catering business. The goal was to sample the variety of chile rellenos created by his mother Ana (Mama Mia) and sister Mia at the namesake restaurant Mia’s. The restaurant was founded by Butch and Ana, however Butch passed away in 2001.

Shortly after arriving for a cocktail hour Mico came home from the hospital where his mother is in critical care. He was upbeat and gracious nonetheless. Mico is always upbeat. And gracious. This is his personality.

We soon jumped into a large platter of a variety of rellenos which are only served at Mia’s on Tuesdays and best if ordered in advance. You might wish to make reservations along with your request for the number and filling of rellenos.

We ate them all.

You may order either beef, which is loaded with ground beef, raisins and sliced almonds), chicken, shrimp or cheese. Again, only on Tuesday.

Our favorites for the evening were the beef and the shrimp. The shrimp were heavily loaded and extremely tender and a pure joy. All of the beasties were enormous, and quite possibly the largest rellenos I have ever seen. For $10.95 you certainly get your money’s worth.


The rellenos are the egg encased versions and come well sauced and served with rice and beans. A hearty and formidable meal for any appetite.

For those wanting something more easily obtained, the brisket enchiladas are simply amazing and made with Butch’s special brisket recipe. IF your group orders all rellenos, and we suggest one of each, you may go ahead and spring for a platter of the enchiladas to share. This would make for the perfect feast.

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