Kaboom Town Fireworks July 3rd – Win VIP Passes!

fireworksby Steven Doyle

For those new to North Texas we have a tradition for our celebration of July 4th that has actually made worldwide news. The Kaboom Town fireworks is considered in the top ten of Independence Day displays in the nation with over 1,500 pounds of fireworks, a celebrated airshow with warplanes and air acrobatics, food, carnival fun and so much more. People around town have their favorite spots, including a variety of restaurants such as Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill where chef Richard plots out space on his parking lot for an optimum view replete with a special 3-course dinner with a view that always sells out. 

There are many restaurants offering special parties in the surrounding area. The city of Addison has a VIP party by invitation only and we are giving away a pass for four people plus parking. The VIP party includes a light dinner and drinks with the best view available in the city directly underneath the fireworks display.And if that wasn’t enough we will throw in a $25 gift card to Nate’s Seafood in Addison. Win this by sharing this story on Facebook and making a comment below with your favorite July 4th memory.



Here are ten facts you may not know about Kaboom Town:

1.       While most fireworks shows run a finale that is 30 seconds, good shows often have a finale of 1 minute.  GREAT shows like Addison Kaboom Town have a full TWO MINUTE finale during which a THIRD of the shells from the thirty-minute show are fired.

2.       Want to watch the fireworks from Addison Circle Park?  The least crowded area is also some of the best viewing.  Head to the carnival area on the south side of the park for that vantage point.  The luckiest few get to see the show from the ferris wheel!

3.       Want to guarantee a spot in Addison Circle Park?  There is only one way to guarantee a spot – and that’s with an Addison Kaboom Town hotel package. These packages begin at only $65 and include your room, guaranteed admission for up to four people at Addison Circle Park, $10 in Tasty Bucks to be used in the park for this or any other Addison special event, a selection of restaurant discounts and a commemorative picnic blanket!  These packages have the added benefit of being close to the park – often within walking distance.  While others are trying to get home, you’ll be snug in a cozy bed!

4.       Did you know that only 10% of the guests who watch Addison Kaboom Town do so from Addison Circle Park?  The remainder do so from other vantage points in Addison’s 4.4 square miles, including watch parties at Addison’s 180 restaurants, private and corporate parties, and pop up tailgates in every possible space.

5.       You don’t have to be in Addison Circle Park to appreciate how well the fireworks are synchronized to music.  Tune in to 100.3 JACK-FM to hear the fireworks soundtrack.

6.       Want to fast-track your entrance into Addison Circle Park?  Leave all bags and coolers at home.  While small bags and coolers are allowed, they are searched by security personnel.  Bypassing that part of the line saves LOTS of time.  While outside food and beverage are allowed (except for alcohol), there are plenty of food and beverages available for sale in the park, including beer and wine.


7.       While there is great musical entertainment at Addison Circle Park, some of the performers are much more than musicians – they’re HEROES!  The show opens with the 36th Infantry Division Band of the Texas Air National Guard.

8.       Some of the oldest military heroes celebrated at Addison Kaboom Town are IN THE AIR!  The historic warbirds of Cavanaugh Flight Museum are real combat veterans from WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  In fact, the P-51 Mustang that will fly in the show is the ONLY actively flying P51 in the world with verifiable WWII combat experience.

9.       Even the beer offered at Addison Kaboom Town has a patriotic angle.  This year, the event will feature Budweiser Freedom Reserve, a special beer brewed by US Military Veterans at Budweiser and benefiting Folds of Honor.

10.   Want the fastest way out of Addison following Addison Kaboom Town?  Follow the direction of the officers directing traffic – even if they steer you in an unusual direction.  Addison police coordinate with officers in nearly a dozen different law enforcement agencies to help efficiently move traffic.  Addison even pays the tolls in the Addison Airport Tunnel on Keller Springs when they make the whole tunnel move westbound from 9:30 – 11:30 p.m.


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