First Look: Taco y Vino in Bishop Arts

IMG_5716.JPGby Steven Doyle  photos by Tim Pham

The concept is surprisingly simple. Tacos and wine as the name suggests, with a few crazy food appetizers mixed in for good measure, Oh, beer. This all from the brilliant minds of Sharon Van Meter and wine expert Jimmy Contreras. We are talking about Taco y Vino the latest hot spot in Bishop Arts.

We have extolled the virtues of Van Meter many times on Crave, but currently you may know her from Trinity Groves 3015 fame, the event center where most of the seriously fun events in Dallas happen. Contreras has been in the wine industry in Dallas for the better part of 15 years and has been associated with many large events such as Chefs for Farmers, consider him the Mayor of Wine in Dallas.

Experience all this love in their new restaurant in Bishop Arts where the restaurant is mostly to capacity most nights except Sunday where they take the obligatory day of rest. You will find Contreras behind the bar taking orders, poring vino and playing vinyl from their vast collection of LP’s.

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Look for delicious apps such as their Tamale Bites, their answer to shared tamales created in muffin tins lined with masa and filled with spiced pork and topped with another layer of masa to give the perfect bite of tamal. The ceviche was a house special that is now listed on the menu and is power packed with sliced and spiced shrimp and marinated to give the diner an overwhelmingly delicious experience.

Tacos are the star of the program and there are a few that you will want to mix and match. We probably all have seen a video on social media showing us how to create pulled pork with jack fruit which gives an excellent vegan simulation. Flavored as a pibil the taco is served with achiote slaw, jalapeno and queso fresco. It really works.

Crispy pork carnitas are a joy roasted in citrus, topped with chicharrones and and pickled onions, this taco is a must.The barbacoa (tender beef cheek) and the lightly fried avocado are a must as well. Mix and match the variety of eight tacos to meet your demand of flavors.

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By the glass wine options begin at $7 and you can be assure that Jimmy will make sure you have something to pair with your taco choices. The Mayor is good that way. He can also create a few wine cocktails that are fun to sample.

Check out Taco y Vino soon at 213 W  8th in Oak Cliff.

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