Cedar Social Herradura Tequila Launch Party

cedarby Alex Gonzalez

Last Thursday, the ladies of The Cedars Social closed the restaurant down for a dinner to celebrate the launch of new cocktails featuring their new signature tequila blend. Leann Berry (bar manager and continuously named best bartender by many included CraveDFW), Monica Green (owner), and Anastacia Quinones (Rising Star Chef) traveled to Mexico to create the perfect blend. After experimenting with 240 bottles, the trifecta was able to craft the perfect double barrel reposado blend, which is now available exclusively at The Cedars Social.

The launch dinner consisted of four courses, the first of which was a plate of Enchiladas Potosinas, containing potato, cheese, onion, and Guajillo salsa. The Enchiladas were paired with a cocktail containing Herradura silver, aloe liqueur, pear and peach puree, and lime. The cocktail made for a good starter. Sweet to the point where it had a taste similar to that of white grape juice, and strong enough to set the bar for what was in store for the rest of the night.


For the second course, guests were served a beet salad, containing roasted beet tartare, chorizo vin, avocado mousse, beet powder, yogurt crema, and cilantro tempura. The beets were sweet and firm, not mushy or gooey like those of other restaurants. The beet salad was paired with a Herradura reposado-based cocktail containing cointreau, hibiscus, elderflower syrup, basil, and lime. The cocktail had a taste similar to a traditional Mexican agua fresca, and was quite possible the best of the night.


The third and main course was a plate of pork guiso mixed with tomatillo, toasted pozole, sliced brussel sprouts, all sat atop a bed of duck fat refried beans. The dish was light, yet filling and satisfying. The meat was cooked to the right consistency and the brussel sprouts were flavored in a way that made them taste like candy. It was paired with a cocktail containing cointreau, lime, guajillo, orange shrub, hellfire bitters, and The Cedars Social Double Barrel Reposado. This was perhaps the strongest cocktail of the night. For those who enjoy tangy, citrus-flavored cocktails, this is the one to try.

For dessert, guests were served a pan dulce shortbread with reposado chantilly, pear custard, lemon gelee, and dried fruits. The custard and gelee blend complemented the crisps nicely, carefully amalgamating a minty and fruity taste. The dessert cocktail was a blend of Herradura Añejo, Liquer 43, Bailey’s and Cafe De Olla. The milky drink had a taste similar to eggnog and vanilla ice cream, allowing guests to close dinner with a comforting, jolly feeling.

The Cedars Social is now selling their signature Herradura blends exclusively in the restaurant.


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