A Walk To El Padrino No 1

pad7.jpgby Steven Doyle

Cruising through my new neighborhood as a fairly recent Oak Cliff resident, I am fascinated with Jefferson Boulevard. From my home in Winnetka Heights I am able to stroll down Jefferson where the tastes and smells are intoxicating. 

Some may already be aware of Cultivar for coffee, Small Brew Pub for tremendous bits and house crafted beer, Gonzalez for simply put Tex Mex but also the best tortilla you will find in the city. Also nearby find El Ranchito, and even Mesa. Plenty of great dining options. But what about a simple taqueria. There are some places you might get caught up in, but nothing more sublime that El Padrino No 1.





Some readers might recall El Padrino No 2 located on Davis where C. Senor is now located, and you may be missing your favorite tacos, tortas and even antojitos. Breakfast is an all day thing here as well. Nothing can be greater than a Mexican breakfast. The combination of eggs, chorizo and beans is unparalleled in bold flavors.

The building is unassuming, the seating is sparse, and the English is broken. All make for an excellent combination of taste and distinction that is found at El Padrino.

I feel very welcomed in my new neighborhood. More visions of dining around within walking distance to my home soon.


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