Graham Dodds at DFM Oct 20th

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As we now know Graham Dodds left his post at the Statler. This will be his first event post Statler, and you will not want to miss this one. It is inexpensive, plus you will be able to meet and greet the chef. Not to mention dine well. This makes for the perfect date. The Farmers Market is full of surprises for the food enthusiast. 

Born and raised in the great state of Texas, Graham Dodds attended East Texas State University before beginning his formal culinary education at Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Dodds attributes his love for the culinary arts to his childhood experiences cooking with his grandmother from her garden on the border between England and Scotland and learning to bake a soufflé from his neighbor, a transplanted Swiss chef, when he was just 10 years old. Carrying the theme of travel and cuisine into adulthood, Dodds continued his culinary education by studying at the Koh Samui cooking school in Thailand and taking intensive pastry courses at Le Cordon Bleu in London. Beyond the classroom, Dodds’ experience comes from working in kitchens across Europe and the United States including London, Switzerland, Alaska, Massachusetts and Vermont.

In his spare time, Dodds serves on the Board of Directors for the Promise of Peace Community Gardens and is an advocate for local refugee organizations. He also enjoys candle-making and the great outdoors, often hiking or camping with his two children. In the spring, Dodds can be found foraging for edible Texas wildlife such as the blonde morel mushrooms, one of his all-time favorite ingredients.

Reserve your seats for this fun food event now and save.

Chefs for the Fall Cooking Class Series

October 20 – Graham Dodds

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