Who is Morgxn? Meet Indie-Pop’s Newest Sensation

image2 (14).jpegby Alex Gonzalez    photos by Abby Stanford

As gender norms are quickly becoming more blurred, Nashville singer/songwriter Morgxn is defying the rules of normative masculinity and creating his own genre of pop music. Morgxn released his debut album vital this past May, which caught the attention of indie band Dreamers, who invited him to join them on their nationwide tour this past fall.

Morgxn opened for Dreamers at House of Blues during the Dallas stop of their tour. During the opening set, Morgxn, donned in an ‘80s-style tracksuit and vintage sun shades, performed seven songs from vital.

Hearing each of those songs was like reading a page from his personal journal. In the opening song, “Harpoon,” Morgxn reiterates the idea that it’s okay to feel insecure at times and it is important for one  to validate feelings and emotions.

On the song “Bruised,” Morgxn relates to the audience, reiterating the fact that everyone has faced low points in their lives. “We’ve all been bruised, we’ve all been used,” he repeats as a catchy, relatable chorus.

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Morgxn closes his set with “Home,” a bouncy, pop jam, in which decides to escape his demons and return to a place of solace. Following his set, Morgxn thanks the audience for making him feel at home, and invites them to sign a guestbook, in which they can write something “vital” to them, in reference to the title of his debut album.

In an era of overproduced, highly auto-tuned pop records, Morgxn is truly one of a kind. From his gender-defying aesthetic, to his relatable lyrics, Morgxn is one to watch.

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