Chop House Burger Curled Our Toes

chop5.jpgby Steven Doyle

Leading the pack of downtown burgers is none other than Chop House Burger with its beautiful glossy brioche bun, juicy medium cooked beef patty and the freshest vegetation for an absolute win. This is what a burger should look and taste like.

A burger that is far too massive loses its appeal quickly with a sloppy slide of mess, but the Chop House burger is perfectly sized to give a large bite yet remain neat and tidy. That bun is made locally from Constantine’s and the beef is am wallop of black angus for perfect quality control. Hard to miss when you begin with great ingredients. 

The Chop House is located on Akard and Commerce and caters to the growing population living in the city, plus the many hive workers and tourists alike. When last in we spoke to a handful of regulars that were excited to extol the joys of their beloved burger stop.

If you are pretty much a burger only shop you more than likely have a good variety on hand, and Chop House does indeed. Plus there are vegetarian options and workarounds for those watching gluten and carbs.


Let’s start with the basic burger. Look for shaved red onion, vine ripened local tomatoes, green leafed lettuce and a black truffle sauce. This is far from basic and far from ordinary. This is a simple yet glammed up burger that is easy to take to the prom or any occasion that required hugs and kisses afterwards.

We adored the Wine Country Burger with its goat cheese, honey mustard sauce, arugula, and all the other accoutrements given Chop House burgers. Happiness on a bun.

Two other ‘burgers’ struck our fancy such as the Ahi Tuna burger. The tuna burger came with chunks of fresh ahi that were slightly seared and rested on the same brioche bun with a wasabi mayo, pickled ginger, a nori chip and arugula. First bite will remind you of a California roll. The umami of the nori and the spiciness of the wasabi melted perfectly.

And the other non-burger burger is the chicken fried chicken burger. By far the best chicken sandwich to grace our mouth. Look for a huge bite of crispy free-range chicken breast that is given the white peppercorn gravy treatment. Each bite begged another. Ask for extra gravy on the side, because you can.


Extras and add-ons include a marvelous chili, fried eggs, a slew of real cheese options, more black truffle sauce, slabs of applewood smoked bacon and more.

Not wanting the bun? Sorry, it is really good, but you can turn that burger into a salad. We saw it done, people actually do this. There is a turkey patty if you really want to go overboard with the health thing, but do realize you are in a burger house.

Sides to love: Chili Cheese Fries or the Truffle Parmesan Fries.

Also add a shake. We love the Italian Nut Job which is Nutella, vanilla ice cream and more hazelnuts topped with whipped cream.

Chop House does have a selection of beer and wine to go with your burger. We liked the local Community Mosaic.

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