Five Food Trucks We Would Like To See In Dallas

by Steven Doyle

This week I have been thinking about food trucks and what we might be missing in the North Texas area. We are seeing more and more trucks roll through the streets since the city of Dallas has loosened its collar a bit with regards to the legalese of food truck mania.

Now it’s time we kick it up a bit like other cities and bring on some incredible trucks that we can chase with verve. Here is a list of five trucks we would like to see in Dallas. These are not far fetched since each of these trucks exist already.    

We definitely need an Indian food truck. Who wouldn’t love a great saag paneer or chicken tikka masala on the run?  The roving curry truck would bring warm joy to the neighborhoods featuring its sizzling hot tandoor oven. You would come running when you hear the shrill of Bollywood approaching.

Maybe best suited for Fort Worth’s Stockyards, the Chuck Wagon would be incredible and offer up chicken fried steaks, corn bread and fresh off the trail veggies.

The taco bike.  Imagine if you will an entire city deluged with taco bikes not too unlike the current neighborhood paletas push carts we see now.  It would be a beautiful sight. Al pastor, please.

The city is insane with dogs, and who wouldn’t want to give Fido a bite.  Yes, we are talking animal friendly food trucks serving pups their favorite treats. Think Kibble-On-A-Stick and bacon-flavored ice cream.

Why roam the city late at night searching for your favorite stripper when she could come to you in her very own food truck. The food would be top shelf with steaks and lobsters for just five bucks, but the mobile lap dances would cost twenty each.

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