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Hot off of a grand opening in Uptown, The Clover Club offers Dallas a blast from the past. The new two-level restaurant is styled in the fashion of an old luxurious jazz lounge, where guests can behold live musical performances as they eat meals by chef Anthony Van Camp.

When he first created the concept of The Clover Club, partner Brad Woy had a vision to revisit the idea of a supper club.


Clover Club which is a send-up of the original Bellevue-Stratford Hotel’s Clover Club from the late 1800’s Philadelphia social club which attracted movers and shakers of the day, including moneyed bankers and intellects of the time not too unlike the Midtown Manhattan Algonquin which also attracted a similar heady crowd.

“It’s intended to be a 1950’s and 60’s throwback to the golden age of big bands, supper clubs, live entertainment and fun,” Woy says, “We just felt that Dallas was missing that and had a void, so we wanted to bring that back in a big way to a very special space with a lot of history.”

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The Clover Club’s menu includes a selection of cocktails curated by partner Lucky Campbell. Notable cocktails include the Cardi Bee (a honey-bourbon based cocktail), the Mad Hatter, and of course, the titular Clover Club, a cocktail made with gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, and an egg white.

For dinner, Clover Club offers a fine selection of meats and seafood, accompanied by fresh and in-season fruits and vegetables.

“Our chef, Anthony Van Camp, has a tremendous history with steak,” Woy says. “We have all prime cuts of steak served. Our seafood is fresh. Our lobster potstickers are just fabulous and our short ribs are another one of our specialties.”

The Clover Club is, by all means, an upscale establishment. Throughout dinnertime, guests can feast upon the best of Dallas’ meat offerings and witness incredible talent performing on the stage. The rooftop is now open and ready for revelers.

“This is a very unique room, Woy says. “We’re trying to be different and bring back that big band sound. We’re trying to bring back the great American songbook and mix that with live music and great food.”

Parliament Lucky

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The duo brought in Hunter Sullivan as music director who is known for a quality Big Band sound and often is seen at large format social engagements, the Rosewood Mansion and other high-tone venues.

Sullivan is creating several theme nights such as a mid-week Motown-esque evening with appropriate bands  paired with equally appropriate cocktails, along with a high energy Friday night and a Supper Club-style Saturday night, finished with an old school Latin theme on Sunday. For the latter think old school clubs which might have been frequented by the Scott Fitzgerald’s in Cuba or South American replete with cocktails such as a Pisco sours, daiquiris or mojitos. Copacabana style of old.

“I am in tune with some great bands and will be bringing them into this curtained stage, but I won’t be opposed to varied  performers”, Sullivan told Crave. “We will follow up nights with a DJ till 2am”.  Look for Sullivan to play the venue several times each month as well.

The Clover Club is now open for dinner in Uptown Dallas.

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