Celebrate Bourdain Day with a Dallas Pop-Up That Will Not Soon be Forgotten

bourdinby Steven  Doyle

Tomorrow, June 25th, has been pronounced Anthony Bourdain Day.  This began with a tweet from Eric Repart and José Andrés, both devoted friends of Bourdain. They called upon the planet to give pause for remembrance and celebration of the man who wrote tomes such as Kitchen Confidential and televised his world foodie and humanitarian travels.

His immeasurable impact stretched further than anyone might have initially guessed. Social media feeds lit up (and are still lighting up: Dedicated Facebook groups exist to celebrate the late Bourdain) with tales of the Parts Unknown host’s role in changing the way we travel, the way we understand other people, cultures and places.


Anthony Bourdain died of suicide on June 8, 2018, just a few weeks before his birthday on June 25. With the hashtag #BourdainDay, chefs and friends have been encouraging fans to spread the word and share their favorite memories of the late travel icon.

Dallas will celebrate with chefs Peter David Barlow II, formerly of Stephan Pyle’s Flora Street and now does a series of important pop-ups and catering with his Nightshade Chef Collaborative, Justin Holt, the Dallas ramen whisperer and Salaryman chef and Josh Farrell with Nameless Chefs and has worked with Dallas luminaries such as Kent Rathbun, Bruno Davaillon (at the Mansion) and Jeff Moschetti.

12241678_10153079766575426_6986725065923519314_n.jpgPeter David Barlow II

The trio will perform a pop-up featuring dishes from each chef in an all-you-can-eat and drink Bourdain-style dinner with possible tattoos on the make ready.

Barlow has committed to doing duck, octopus and yakatori sausage, while chef Farrell will be throwing down Puerto Rican fare. Holt’s food is still a mystery, but you can count on whatever it is to be far superior to that leftover ham sandwich you had slated for the evening.

“We’re here to honor and create awareness for the first ever Anthony Bourdain Day declared  by Ripert and Andres. We want to bring our friends and community together to eat, drink and create awareness for somebody that has impacted so many lives, and has been the voice for the voiceless, Anthony Bourdain,” Barlow told CraveDFW this afternoon.

The event will also bring awareness to suicides which have been plaguing the world.

Please sign up for the event which will be $20, feature three food stations and beer. The event is Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 6pm until 11pm at Franklin’s Tattoo and Supply located at 4904 Columbia Avenue, 75214 in Dallas. More  information here.


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  1. Dana Driensky

    I hope this is where i sign up for the event tuesday June 25, 2019

  2. Tickets at the Door! 6-11pm 20 bucks all you can eat and drink! see you then

  3. This is a great way to honor Anthony

  4. quite an interesting holiday, thank you for informing us. I like to read everything about celebrities.

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