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Uchiba Announces April Uncommon Ramen Collaborations with Aaron Franklin and Justin Holt

The April installments of Uchiba’s Uncommon Ramen Revisited, a take on Uchiba’s regular series featuring innovative collaborations with renowned chefs from around the country. Uncommon Ramen series has featured such celebrated chefs as Tommy Lee, Chris Shepherd, Tyson Cole, among others. In the “revisited” series, the Uchiba team will be bringing back some of the favorites from past years.

Uchiba will be collaborating with Chef Aaron Franklin in honor of National Ramen Noodle Day for a two-day special and with Chef Justin Holt where a portion of the proceeds from the month will go to support Justin and his partner through this time.

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Lazy Sunday Drive-Thru Event Benefiting Justin Holt

Lazy Sunday is a drive-thru, fancy-snacks-in-a-box pick-up event benefiting beloved local badass, Justin Holt.

Each Lazy Sunday Dream Box is a mystery box featuring crazy-amazing bites from your favorite restaurants in Dallas. Each box contains snacks-for-two from 16 or more local chefs. With over 30 total restaurants contributing to these boxes, you might get Lockhart Smokehouse Burnt ends and Homewood bread & butter pickles. 

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Celebrate Bourdain Day with a Dallas Pop-Up That Will Not Soon be Forgotten

bourdinby Steven  Doyle

Tomorrow, June 25th, has been pronounced Anthony Bourdain Day.  This began with a tweet from Eric Repart and José Andrés, both devoted friends of Bourdain. They called upon the planet to give pause for remembrance and celebration of the man who wrote tomes such as Kitchen Confidential and televised his world foodie and humanitarian travels. Continue reading


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Ramen Heads at Texas Theater Paired with Ramen Pop-Up


The Texas Theatre  is hosting the directorial debut of “Ramen Heads” from Koki Shigeno. There will be a fourth wall offering from chef Justin Holt and Gang serving two styles of ramen at the event for 10$ cash (only).

In ‘Ramen Heads,’ Osamu Tomita, Japan’s reigning king of ramen, takes us deep into his world, revealing every single step of his obsessive approach to creating the perfect soup and noodles, and his relentless search for the highest-quality ingredients. In addition to Tomita’s story, the film also profiles five other notable ramen shops, each with its own philosophy and flavour, which exemplify various different aspects the ramen world. Continue reading

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Pig’s Head Tacos and Tequila For Cinco de Mayo Fete at Industry Alley May 5th


Suerte Tequila Sponsors Epic Cinco Fiesta at Industry Alley on Friday, May 5th, featuring $5 Suerte cocktails, serving $5 taqueria style pork tacos by Justin Holt, mariachis, and piñatas.

One of the many legends surrounding tequila is that it was originally discovered by luck. Well, actually it was by a rabbit. Or rather by a farmer’s wife who noticed the rabbit getting tipsy on fermented agave. Suerte, which means ‘luck’ in Spanish, would like to share their luck with you to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Industry Alley.  Continue reading

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Two Great Chefs Join Forces Again For a Superb Valentine’s Dinner Event

wide-interiorby Joey Stewart

Chef David Uygur of Lucia and Yutaka Yamato of Yutaka combined their many talents on Sunday evening for the second Valentine’s dinner in as many years. The previous event took place at Lucia, so this time it was Yutaka’s turn. When asked about the inception of the event, Uygur said “We both love dining at each others’ restaurants, so it makes perfect sense”. Justin Holt of Lucia also took place in the creation and execution of the dishes.

The six-course menu was paired with wine and sake and featured a sorbet course served on an illuminated ice block while all the lights in the restaurant were turned off.
We hope this becomes a tradition for years to come.   Continue reading

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