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Cozy cocktail and spirits den Jettison is pleased to present their fall cocktail omakase experience, “Ins & Outs,” on Sunday, September 22. The multi-course event will showcase a series of cocktails with an emphasis on special infusion and flavor extraction techniques. Two intimate seatings of 10 will take place at the Jettison bar, offering an inside look into the preparation and careful crafting of drinks. Seats are $84 per person and now available for purchase on Tock.

Bar Manager George Kaiho and Andrew Kelly will present a collection of cocktails specially created for the event, highlighting techniques such as herbs and spices spirit infusion via sous vide, carbonated fruit garnishes, sorbet cocktail, smoke infusions, and more.

“Offering these omakase events allows us the opportunity to further elevate the cocktail experience and give guests an ‘inside look’ into techniques we use on a daily basis,” said George Kaiho. “‘Ins & Outs’ was inspired by our day-to-day interactions at Jettison, whether it’s the preparation behind the bar to how we greet our guests across the bar. As bartenders, we meet so many people every day and we’re always looking for ways to keep things lively. Over time, one of our favorite responses to ‘Hello, how are you?’ has become: ‘We’ve got some ins, some outs, some ups, some downs.’ I got the name from there.”

Guests will settle in with a welcome drink and small snacks, like popcorn and peanuts, at the table, followed by three half-sized cocktails, a palate-cleansing sorbet, and a final cocktail, plus a “Jettison Away” candy lollipop made in-house with Branca Menta as a takeaway. Cocktails include the following:

Welcome Cocktail: Keep It Kool

Inspired by the Navy Grog, Keep It Kool is made with tequila, St. Germain, lime, and simple syrup, served over an ice “cone” of frozen pomegranate and serrano pepper juice. Using flavored ice in the welcome cocktail infuses more flavor in the cocktail over time as the ice melts and ensures that the drink won’t become diluted, so guests can enjoy as they wait for the omakase to commence.

First Course: Melted Pine

With inspiration elements including drip coffee, classic daiquiris, and the cocktails found at Ben Fiddich in Tokyo, Melted Pine is made with Panama Pacific Rum, Manzanilla Sherry, lime, and frozen pineapple juice infused with mint, basil, and fennel, garnished with an herb bouquet. For this cocktail, a cube of frozen, infused pineapple juice is placed in a coffee dripper and the remaining ingredients are poured over. As the frozen juice melts, the resulting liquid is more concentrated. Jettison uses this principle to create a cocktail that retains the most concentrated aspects of the flavor-infused juice.

Second Course: DIY Gin and Tonic

An interactive Jettison spin on a Spanish gin and tonic, guests will be offered a choice of herbs and spices representing three areas: juniper, rose, grapefruit peel, coriander and sunflower seeds for Texas; juniper, hibiscus, lime, ancho chile pepper, and cacao nib for Mexico; and butterfly pea flower, lemongrass, Kaffir lime, and galangal for Thailand. Each guest’s selection of herbs and spices will then be infused with shochu via sous vide, a regular technique used at Jettison to create a unique and fragrant gin and tonic.

Third Course: Fizzy Fruit

A spin on the Caipirinha made with Haitian rum, lime, and “complicated syrup,” and then garnished with carbonated grapes and watermelon for a fizzy kick.

Palate Cleanser: Sake Sorbet with Passion Fruit 

Chilled under a mini glass dome before being unveiled at the bar, guests will be served a passion fruit sake sorbet garnished with powdered Luna Amara bitters and finger lime.

Fourth Course: Area 51

A Vieux Carré with elements of smoke infusion, the Area 51 is made with over-proofed Cognac, Benedictine, sweet vermouth, and apricot liqueur. Inspired by its namesake and UFO cow abductions, this cocktail’s first step will feature a decanter coated with absinthe, set upside down via a science stand. A dish with a miniature cow and Papier d’Armenie la Rose is set under the decanter and the paper is then set aflame to allow the incense smoke to fill the decanter. After this process is complete, the batched cocktail is poured into the smoked decanter to infuse the flavors.

The omakase-style course cocktail experience at Jettison was born out of a longtime desire to extend and share cocktail methods and flavors not typically seen on the regular menu, in a special setting. Japanese for “I’ll leave it up to you,” omakase is most closely associated with sushi and Japanese restaurants. Like these unique dining experiences, guests of Jettison will be seated at the 10-seat bar, allowing for an intimate experience and a look into cocktail techniques that are often only done back-of-house and a treat to watch. True to the Houndstooth brand, these events meld education and hospitality for an engaging and interactive evening.

Reservations for Jettison’s “Ins & Outs” cocktail omakase on Sunday, September 22 are now available online HERE, and upcoming themed omakases will be announced each season. The bar’s regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday, from 4 p.m. to midnight.

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