Razoos Tells 2020 to Shuck It and Brings Back Oysters for a Limited Time

by Joey Stewart

Razoos Cajun Cafe, the French Quarter inspired restaurant known for its quirky atmosphere and scratch-made Cajun cuisine, is putting oysters back on the menu beginning October 19th.

Razzoo’s sources its oysters from Prestige Oyster’s Inc., a leading oyster supplier that operates a Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable oyster fishery. The company provides market for over a hundred boats stretching from Texas and Louisiana up to Maryland.

“People love our oysters,” says Jeff Powell, Razzoo’s CEO. “If you are an oyster fan, you know you want them super fresh. That’s why we only buy our oysters from the best suppliers.”

Grilled Oysters

Diners can order them two ways – raw over ice with all the fixins, or grilled with garlic butter and bread. A dozen will run you $14.99 for raw and $16.99 for grilled. A very fair price.

On a recent visit, the bivalves were plump, tender and juicy. Since Gulf oysters have a milder, less briny flavor than east coast oysters, we dressed them up with plenty of lemon and doused them in hot sauce. Grilled oysters came seasoned with cajun spices and grated parmesan, and served over a sauce made from the juices of the oysters, butter and garlic.

Aside from oysters, the Cajun-inspired menu offers a variety of dishes, like Grilled Alligator, Chicken Tchoupitoulas, and Rat Toes— which aren’t as scary as they sound. The jalapenos stuffed with shrimp and crab are a longtime favorite at the restaurant. For a little bit of everything, you can order the Cajun Combo Skillet—a hot plate with grilled andouille, shrimp creole, crawfish etouffee and red beans.

Seafood Gumbeax
Watermelon Crawler Mason Jar Chiller

For more information about Razzoo’s, including menu items and online ordering, visit www.razzoos.com or find them on DoorDash©.

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