Eat Me: Bone-In Ribeye at Bob’s Steak and Chop House

bobsby Steven Doyle

Years before Bob’s Steak and Chop House went location happy, we asked Bob what was up with the carrot. There was no crazy revelation, it dated back to his childhood where his mother made a version of this glazed carrot. Bob also mentioned it made sense, would you rather be a bone-in ribeye garnished with kale or some other green inedible, or a massive phallus-sized sweet carrot?  

bobs3The Carrot


All is good at Bob’s today and he is back.  The steakhouse is very old school, serving up slabs of beef, chops, and one particularly delicious surf and turf. Sides are what you might expect from that old school, a baker, mash or fried potatoes with plenty of gravy. The latter is crazy good, the others are what you might expect and satisfying.

The wedge is superior and could be turned into a meal unto itself. The blue cheese is enough to feed a small family and totally worth ordering.


The bone-in ribeye is a massive delectable haunch of beef that is to be undertaken only by those who appreciate such a beast. It could be made into several meals, and that might be encouraged if you want to stick around for a slice of key lime pie. We always do, because it is key lime pie.


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  1. Sharon Feldman

    It was our first trip to Bob’s in Louisville Omni just a couple weeks ago. My friend and I ordered Salmon and Prime ribeye and shared with each other because neither of us knew exactly what we wanted and both love steak and salmon. Salmon was perfectly cooked medium and delicious.The baked potatoes were great as was one of our carrots. Bob’s prime ribeye, and the other glazed carrot was unimpressive. Being totally honest I will say my carrots glaze was flavorful but beyond that it was very hard, more than just a little crunch to the bite,. It was truly like eating a raw carrot. The steak was ordered medium to medium-rare and came medium-well and rather flavorless Certainly disappointed and definitely not worth the price. Was I wrong to expect the prime ribeye to be flavorful and juicy? Is there a difference between a prime ribeye and a traditional ribeye?

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