Ragin’ Crab For All Your Mudbuggery (And Crab)

o (3)by Steven Doyle

It is mudbug season again and we will be reporting on the best places to enjoy crawfish for the next few weeks. The bugs are bodacious this year so don’t miss out!

We checked out the Ragin’ Crab recently and thought the crawfish were perfectly delicious. These people have their cooking methods down, and the sauce with a kicking spice for any level you prefer (or none).

This lowest Greenville Avenue has been open for a few years and has matured into a serious contender on the crab front. There have been so many restaurants of this style open in the past year it is hard to keep track of which ones can pull off the sauce heavy steam-in-the-bag. Ragin’ Crab does this well.

On our visit we tasted head-on shrimp (you can get them sans head but we liked the flavor of the whole shrimp better), king crab, snow crab and crawfish. All served with the requisite corn and sausages.

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The king crab was of course incredible, but we were actually surprised at the snow crab with can be salty, mealy and often have empty legs with no meat. The purveyor used by the Ragin’ people is superior and found the snow as delicious as the king with a superior sweet flavor that was found consistently in each leg. We made an effort to taste as many legs as possible to test this quality. Someone had to do this.

The shrimp were meaty as well, and large. We tore into these with great speeds in anticipation of the next steaming bag which held crawfish for us. Banging hot, and tasty. Again, smallish as of last week, but still big enough to enjoy. There is nothing better than the first crawfish feast of the season. There are steamed platters that are big enough for a large crowd or a few hungry passengers on this journey.

Ragin’ Crab is not just about steamed shellfish, we also hunkered down on the crab cakes. They were nice and crabby and a good way to start your journey through the menu.

Look for other Cajun-style dishes such as their spicy gumbo, their thick crusted calamari, oysters Rockefeller,  and catfish baskets. The catfish is filets and comes with a generous supply of the fish and fries. There is also a fried shrimp basket that is mighty tasty. We didn’t try the jambalaya or etouffee, but they are on the menu.

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Ragin’ Crab has a full bar with a few local brews, some delicious cocktails and a wine selection. This is a place to party, and a good idea for Fat Tuesday and all your Mardi Gras plans.

Ragin’ Crab | 2100 Greenville Avenue, Dallas | 214.827.2722

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