DIVE Coastal Cuisine Features Fresh February Specials

DIVE Coastal Cuisinethe neighborhood restaurant located in Snider Plaza for 10+ years and known for their healthy, light and flavorful fare is featuring food and wine specials throughout the month of February.

Specials include CleansingChopped Salad – kale, parsley, mint, red pepper, cucumber, beet, carrot, lemon, olive oil and hemp hearts; PEI Mussels – sofrito, cilantro, crispy saffron paella rice; Turkey Veggie ChiliRoasted White Bean & Kale Soup and light fish entrees including HalibutBlackened Bay of FundySalmonRed Fish and Mahi Mahi with choice of sides including a variety of healthy options. 

DIVE will also offer half-priced bottles of wine for all dinner service during February. The wine selection provides the perfect pairing to the wide array of light fish options on the limited time menu. 

About DIVE Coastal Cuisine and Owner/Chef, Franchesca Nor:

DIVE is located in Snider Plaza and has been around for 10+ years and is known for its healthy, light and flavorful fare featuring organic produce, seasonal seafood entrees and an array of creative salads, sandwiches and specials. Franchesca thoughtfully chooses every ingredient used in the dishes on the menu and uses organic, non-GMO, local produce whenever possible. They also cook with grass-fed, hormone-free beef and free-range, natural chicken. Gluten-free rice bran oil, coconut oil and GHEE are used in the kitchen.

A little more background on Franchesca:

Born and raised in Southern California, Franchesca is part Brazilian and Texan – but she’s inspired by the world around her. She’s lived in Colorado, Lake Tahoe, California, Italy, and Florida.

Graduating at the top of her class at Johnson & Wales University, Franchesca was then schooled by different culinary masters, including Chef Alan Susser (founder of the Mango Gang in Florida), Chef David Bouley (Evolution), Chef Andrea Curto-Randazzo (winner of Food and Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef award), Franchesca plays homage to her training with full, flavorful, and entertaining dishes.

Dive’s menu is heavily influenced by Franchesca’s childhood, travels, and culinary education.

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