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Courtesy-Press-Waffle-Co.-3by Steven Doyle

Been entertaining more than usual and caught behind the budget? Looking for something on the sly and need a hot deal? We have some solutions for you, and found great meals under ten dollars. Man cannot live on big steaks and twenty dollar cocktails every day.

Enjoy Dallas on the Cheap.

Legacy Hall in Plano is chockablock of deals on the ready:

o (27).jpgRoot  Chicken Shak

Root Chicken Shak: Owned by media babe Tiffany Derry, she cranks out a fine platter of chicken fried in duck fat! Don’t forget duck fat fries and banana pudding.

Whisk and Eggs: Julian Eelsen delivers authentic French crepes from his  homeland inspired y his grandmother and aunt. Try the French Garden with mozzarella, parmigiano, tomatoes, creamed mushrooms, sautéed onions.

Press Waffle: Build your own monstrosity with a Liege waffle base. Add strawberries, blueberries and plenty of whipped cream for a mile high treat.

Frisco has promising fare at a bargain price:

crush1Crush Taco

Biscuit: This biscuit house offers just breakfast and lunch and we found some gems hidden on the menu including crepes, waffles and more all for under ten bucks.

Crush Taco: This place is killing it with flavorful meals priced right. Look for kicked up tacos, bowls and the best elotes you will savor.

CrushCraft: Delicious abound with wild Thai  flavors that  are easy on the pocket book.A perfectly green curry may be found for under nine dollars.

East Dallas has terrific deals for the hungry traveler: 

940bfa7148a25994eee74e7456ced32a.jpgLakewood Landing homemade corn dog

La Banqueta: Love these tacos and we are sure you will as well. Consider a buck fifty for a taco, you can order a whole bag. Located at 1305 N Carroll.

Lakewood Landing: Seriously good burgers and beer, with a handmade giant corn dog at midnight (only).

Vietnam: We adore the nine dollar lunch buffet at this amazing Asian hot spot.

Keller’s Drive-In: Dig this burger, and you can load up under a five spot!

Oak Cliff has a deal to steal:

2cHerrera’s 2C

Herrera’s: By far one of our favorite Tex Mex haunts, and many items  under ten for a deal you will love.

Bbbop Seoul Kitchen: Nothing finer than their “build your own bop” which keeps everything in price range. Korean chicken is a bit more but voted best in the city by many publications. As local as you can get.

Wingfield’s Burgers: A great fat burger with fries that capture  the essence of bacon which they also deep fry. Burger and fries on the cheap and a full belly to boot.

Scoop in the loop:

Lee Harvey’s: Burger night, taco night, well, any night is right at Lee Harvey’.  He is a madman, and has band on the weekends, all in a giant compound and fenced in for someone’s protection.

Come Taco: These are serious tacos for people who dig ant larvae and crickets. Well, they also have the stuff you crave such as trompo and beef tacos. Served street-style for a buck and a half.

Wild Detectives: We appreciate this place, and it makes for a cheap date night with exotic toasts starting at 3.50. Spring for a wild coffee for a great meal while you explore the many books for sale, or play reindeer games out back. Make a friend and have them buy you a beer.

Arepa TX: Holy smokes the arepa, and they are super cheap. Look for plenty of options served with shoestring potatoes. The list is interesting and includes brisket, pulled pork, banh  mi, Venezuelan beef and much more. Bowls and salad also offered.

Other places in Dallas have cheap eats:

o (28).jpgCris and John Ramenritto

La Me: Create your own pho super cheap but feel like a grand culinarian at the same time. Also fresh noodle dishes that will send you sailing.

Indian Chaat Cafe: Everything is cheap here, and every thing is packed with delicious flavor. Order Pani Puri, Aloo Tikka, Samosas and more for under a fin.

Cris and John: Nothing gets close to ten bucks here except maybe combined items. Order fun food like Phoritto (fun in burrito form), Ramenritto (you  get it), banh mi and more for next to nothing.

Boots Burger: We have mentioned the cool burger spot in Rockwall called Boots Burgers  several times. In a house, in a neighborhood, and dirt cheap. A five spot will but a pair of burgers for lunch. Only open for lunches and they close when they run out of ingredients. Get ’em while they’re hot. No website but fans of the place created their Facebook . Boots has been around and grandfathered into the absurd location since 1968. They accept  only cash. We once took a busload of people to Boots and it changed their lives.

Look for this feature several times a year when we look at cheap eats in Dallas.

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