Piehole Project Auction Starts Oct 17

The most pie-ous fundraiser of the year is happening October 17-27 when the third annual Piehole Project’s pie auction takes place online. This year’s auction features 40 unique pies from North Texas’ top chefs and bakers who will create and donate pies to raise funds for culinary scholarships. Piehole Project founders Alison Matis and Cheryl Weis expect the event, which has expanded to include 17 Austin chefs, to raise $40,000 for students.

The auction will take place online and starts at 9 a.m. October 17, concluding at 9 p.m. October 27. Winning bidders will be contacted by Piehole Project representatives to arrange pick up or delivery of the pies.

Knife’s Chef John Tesar, a Michelin Star winner for his Orlando restaurant Knife and Spoon, is
creating a Caviar Pie for this year’s auction. “I wanted to do something savory and kind of
retro,” Tesar said, “And I used to make a Caviar Pie in the 80s in New York.” This year’s event
theme is Celebrating the 80s, which makes this luxurious pie a perfect entry.

The Piehole Projects 2022 Chefs
Matt Balke Encina

Mike Matis Fearing’s Restaurant
Jill Bates Cafe Momentum

Andrea Meyer Bisous Bisous Patisserie
Thunderbird Pies Misti Norris Petra and the Beast/STEPCHILD
Dunia Borga La Duni Baking

Studio Joel Orsini Profound Microfarms/Allevare
Chris Patrick Bright Box Foods
Justin Box Chef Justin Box

Nikky Phinyawatana Asian Mint
Keith Cedotal KEESH

Daniel Pittman 33 Restaurant Group
Katherine Clapner Dude Sweet Janice Provost Parigi
Steve DeShazo Dallas College

Anastacia Quinones-Pittman José
Eric Dreyer Monarch Restaurant

Kent Rathbun Imoto
Joshua Gianni Farrell Will Call

Jeramie Robison Thompson Dallas
Dean Fearing Fearing’s

Andrea Shackelford Harvest Seasonal Kitchen
Matt Ford Billy Can Can

Graham Shockley Ocean Beauty Seafood Dallas
Donna Griffin Garden Cafe

Jon Stevens Stock & Barrel
Joshua Harmon Birdie

John Tesar Knife
Jeffrey Hobbs Slow Bone BBQ

David Uygur Lucia
Maggie Huff Homewood

Sharon Van Meter Beckley 1115
Sean Jett Humble: Simply Good Pies

Nick Walker The Village Dallas
Jeana Johnson Talbot-Hill Ranch

Ashleigh Wright Dallas Cowboys @ The Star
Susan Lor TJs Seafood Market

This year’s Piehole Project theme is “Celebrate the 80s,” which is carried through in the pi flavors and photos. In the 1980s, culinary trends included blackened redfish, New Coke, and Vol au Vents. Culinary schools and programs in the United States were few and very expensive. Workforce development in the restaurant industry meant getting your foot in the door at a restaurant and working for next to nothing. Matis and Weis chose this theme as a fun way to celebrate the progress made in workforce development, and fashion, since then.

To apply for a Chefs of Tomorrow Scholarship, visit.

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