Ocean Prime Celebrates Oyster Day All Week in Style

Photos by Joey Stewart

Ocean Prime Dallas is shucking up something special for National Oyster Day (August 5). The Uptown seafood and steakhouse will offer two unique featured oysters for the week, beginning July 31. Guests can order East Coast Oysters with two special summer presentations (in addition to the regular oyster offerings by market): 

  • Calabrian Chili Lime Granita with Fresh Lime Zest
  • Oysters Royale with Caviar and Fresh Lime Zest

We love the additions to the simple oyster. Where usually we prefer oysters naked when they are perfectly plump and delicious, they can take on many characteristics from briny to sweet. Adding a unique flavor is encouraged.

Certainly, we adore a nice fried or grilled oyster, but these do not require a splendid oyster and can be relegated to the enormous Gulf variety which lends itself easily to cooking. Then we have the welcoming champagne mignonette, a simple dollop of horseradish or cocktail sauce, but with a fantastic oyster does it really need much of a dressing?

Calabrian Chili Lime Granita with Fresh Lime Zest

Ocean Prime says yes! And in the oyster special they are running this week, we agree.

The granita is slightly frozen topping and in this case, it packs a full punch of flavor. A Calabrian pepper in the granita is a tongue-numbingly hot pepper that hails from the Calabrian region of Italy, which is located at the toe of the boot. The chile pepper, although small, packs a huge punch when it comes to being spicy. 

The unique smokey flavor of these peppers is a result of the regions growing conditions. While Calabrian peppers do provide a decent amount of heat, they do not overpower other flavors, making them a great choice for a granita.

Oysters Royale with Caviar and Fresh Lime Zest

And adding caviar with a simple amount of fresh lime zest makes us eager with anticipation. As we mentioned, the oyster is the perfect appetizer all by itself. Adding caviar makes for an indulgent blast of greatness. The rich oyster with the kick of brine from the caviar, then washed down with champagne is our idea of a start to a perfect evening.

Try out this round of special oysters today at Ocean Prime.

By the way, the oysters make a perfect start to a meal of marvelous linguine and lobster.

Ocean Prime Dallas is located at 2101 Cedar Springs Rd #150, Dallas, TX 75201. To learn more or to make a reservation, visit the website or call 214-965-0440

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