It’s a Great Day for Hutchins BBQ

by Jay Hoffman

For those of you with a hankering for BBQ we have a terrific spot in mind today. I am going to give you some insight into Hutchins BBQ, which you may or may not have thought about before.

Hutchins BBQ was started in 1978 and named for Roy Hutchins. Roy has three sons Trey, Tim, and Wes. They operate three locations, McKinney and Frisco. The sons run the day-to-day business. The locations have staff 24/7 that include the Pit Crews and or Wood Burners, who keep all the meats cooked to perfection. The Wood Burners use Post Oak and Pecan mixture.

As you drive up into the parking lot, you can smell the wonderful BBQ aroma. All items from Brisket, Sausages, Chicken, Turkey, Ribs, and a huge Beef Rib that’s straight from an episode of the Flintstone, are waiting for your order. The Pulled Pork is made on-premise, as well as their homemade BBQ Sauce including a Mild and Hot version. The briskets are all aged 40 days.

Their now famous TEXAS TWINKIES are available every day which consists of a large jalapeno stuffed with brisket and cream cheese, then wrapped in a premium thick-cut bacon – and man who doesn’t love bacon! The Twinkies are then layered in smoke to create this appetizer that can also make for a meal.

Along with the perfected smoke aroma is the seasoning they rub on as a Black Pepper/Salt combination and turns into a beautiful black bark on the edge of the brisket that can’t be beaten. When available you can also get the Prime Brisket Burnt Ends.

For special Fall occasions they will make their Frito Chili Pie Sausage but just for a limited time, so keep an eye out for this. And Hutchins sides are not an afterthought. If you love the Broccoli Salad, their recipe is Roy’s wife and it is magnificent.

Hutchins customers are what makes the place so wonderful from the first-timers to the die-hard fans who are regulars. As an interesting stat, lunch consists of about 90% men. The evening rush has a line out the door, but fortunately, they hand out samples to those hungry folks waiting to go inside and get their grub on.

Trey describes in the world of BBQ there really is not severe competition because when someone mentions BBQ it all helps the other locations, or make the drive to their favorite.

Trery always asks if you’re not eating BBQ, what food do you enjoy? Being from Texas, he loves Mexican food first, then BBQ. They employ 220 people and if BBQ is your thing and love people, they are hiring.

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    Jay Hoffman, wow…sloppy writing! You have spelling errors everywhere as well as grammatical mistakes. Do you even proofread your articles or are they straight from an AI-generated chat box? How embarrassing!

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