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We Like Paper and Chocolate

by Steven Doyle

It wasn’t long ago that we sat with Vicki Peterson from Paper and Chocolate, which is located in the Inwood Village Shopping Center in Dallas,  after we heard she was expanding her lines of chocolate after many years of dedication to her stationary store.  Having just won D Magazine’s Best Stationers award we thought it might be a good time to see what this dedicated entrepreneur was up to.

As we chatted with the whimsical shop owner we found out that paper is certainly not her only love, but also has an extremely vivacious passion for all things chocolate.  But not just any chocolate as you will soon see.  She is a purist and only the best will suit her palate.

After reading this you may wish to visit Paper and Chocolate today as they celebrate the D Magazine victory and offer some unique samples and champagne all day.  If you miss all the hoopla, you can still find her growing inventory at the store where she has slated a major expansion in this area of confections.  Continue reading

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