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Q-n-A With Sommelier Ryan Tedder

DSC07467by Steven Doyle

Last evening I caught up with sommelier Ryan Tedder at a thought provoking Italian wine tasting at Bob’s Steakhouse in Plano. I was surprised to see Tedder in the group, but the previous year’s TexSom winner is constantly improving his knowledge, along with a group of fantastic young enthusiasts and sommeliers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

I had not realy seen Tedder since he left FT33 as general manager/ sommelier, and was excited to sit down with him for a few minutes to discuss his most recent work in Dallas.         Continue reading

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Q&A With Clint Cooper From Village Baking Company

by Steven Doyle

I had a chance to stop in to see Clint Cooper at the new Village Baking Company storefront and was fascinated by his excellent selection of breads and offerings. The very tiny shop is packed ear-to-ear with unusual breads that you might not normally find in the Dallas area. They are only open a few days a week, so if you decide to go, do so early as the shelves are wiped clean rather quickly.

The afternoon I dropped by, which was a Saturday, a woman popped in and demanded a bag of croissant. They had just sold the last croissant and she was none too happy, in fact I believe she said just that. The production of croissant, and other breads are increased each week to meet the demand, but the little shop that has been selling mostly retail and farmers markets is being hit with an ever increasing demand. And for good reason.  Continue reading


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Q&A with Chef Hoffner at Flippin Out

by Steven Doyle

Last week we featured the tiny creperie in Addison that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, Flippin’ Out Crepes. We touched on chef Scott Hoffner’s background, and today we bring you a little Q&A with the chef to get to know him a bit better.    Continue reading


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New Feature: Weekly Wine Q&A

by David Donalson

I remember when I first got into wine, buying wine was such a daunting task. Walking into a wine store and seeing bottles in different languages and labels can be extremely overwhelming. What is the difference between shiraz and syrah? How about Nebbiolo, Barolo and Barbaresco? The answer to both questions is that they are the same grape but different areas. But how are people who do not study this for a living supposed to know?  Continue reading

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