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5 of America’s Most Influential Television Chefs

chefby Steven Doyle

Through out time many chefs have contributed to the culinary landscape, offering their unique perspective in the kitchen. Some notable names might include Prosper Montagné, author of Larousse Gastronomique and Georges Auguste Escoffier who penned Le guide culinary, both still heavily referenced in modern commercial kitchens.

Today we take a peek at the chefs that have taught the rest of us to cook. These chefs had the ability to sneak into our homes each week enabling the average home cook to create superb dishes and infleunce the way we think about food. They also poured the foundation for an entire industry that we now accept as routine.

Visit our list for the top 5 most influential televsion chefs.  Continue reading

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Chefs And Food Enthusiasts Casting Call Today

chefby Steven Doyle

Calling all chefs and food enthusiasts. Now is your chance to grab some of that 15 minutes of fame that’s been burning a hole in your pocket.  You can be on a television program to be shot locally in Dallas next week. The premise is you go into a restaurant as a new hire. They will have a basic script for you to follow, but otherwise no acting skills are necessary.   Continue reading

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