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Free Grill Class at TJ’s Seafood Market

by Crave Staff

Just in time for the Super Bowl, TJ’s Seafood Market invites you to stop by their shop on Preston at noon this Saturday to ramp up your grilling skills. At the free class you will learn tricks of the trade and grill with cedar planks, wraps & skewers.

There will be plenty of fun and samples of fresh seafood at the class. Be sure to ask owner Jon Alexis if he prefers New England or Manhattan style chowder.


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Dressing Up Your Fish

by Jon Alexis

We eat with all 5 of our senses. Here are some easy ways to dress up your fish meals at home that appeal to all our senses. Tips we’ve learned over the years from restaurant chefs to our own customers.     Continue reading


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Total Catch Dinner at CampO

by Steven Doyle

Last evening we were invited to check out the exciting new dinner series at CampO Modern Country Bistro in Oak Cliff  prepared by chef Matt McCallister. The dinner was an inspiration of Louisiana Foods Total Catch  which has been introduced to the area by Dallas fishmonger Jon Alexis at TJ’s Seafood Market.

The Total Catch owners PJ Stoops and Bill Tellez were at the dinner and introduced each fish McCallister cooked for the capacity crowd. The Total Catch program is a straight forward idea that culls all the by-catch fish that boat captains yield while casting for more common breeds.          Continue reading

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TJ’s Grill Demo -How To Grill Oysters

by Crave Staff

Jon over at TJ’s Seafood Market sent word that he is doing another BBQ demo featuring oysters this weekend. An easy warm treat when the weather turns cold.    Continue reading


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Food Photo Of The Week

Photo by Robert Bostick


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Great Year For Soft Shell Crab

by Jon Alexis

Remember that scene in “Splash,” where Tom Hanks takes Daryl Hannah the mermaid out on a date?  The waiter sets a beautiful steamed lobster in front of her.   She stares at it, picks it up…and chomps right in, shell and all.

Now that’s a top-of-the-food-chain move.  Sharks don’t spit out bones. Anacondas digest whole goats.  But us humans, we tend to be a little pickier.

Besides the fact that they are delicious, maybe that’s why I crave soft shell crabs so much. Eating an entire animal sounds the call of the wild. Just because we don’t eat like a shark or anaconda (or 80’s Tom Hanks-smitten mermaid) doesn’t mean we can’t. Continue reading

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Craving Wild Pacific King Salmon

by Jon Alexis

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “superfood” as…who are we kidding? There is no real definition of the word “superfood.” But if anything is a crave-worthy “superfood”, Wild Pacific King Salmon is the super-est of superfoods. Continue reading

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