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Dressing Up Your Fish

by Jon Alexis

We eat with all 5 of our senses. Here are some easy ways to dress up your fish meals at home that appeal to all our senses. Tips we’ve learned over the years from restaurant chefs to our own customers.     Continue reading

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How to Pair Wine with Seafood

by Jon Alexis

Let me ask you a seemingly simple question: Why do we follow the rules? They tell us it’s a trade off. We give up the freedom to drive wherever we want at any speed. We gain the security of knowing that a car won’t plow into us at an intersection.

But what happens when following the rules offers no such safety? What happens when we do as we’re told, but we don’t get the safety we’re promised?

That, my friends, is the time for revolutionContinue reading

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You Can Finally Get Poke in Dallas! (Don’t Read That Too Fast…)

poke1by Rhonda Dutton   photos by Joey Stewart

Being a Texas gal with island roots, Poke runs in my veins (along with BBQ sauce and cream gravy, but that’s beside the point). Growing up spending summers in Maui, Poke was sold in the grocery stores and served as an appetizer at family gatherings. Now, as a food-loving adult, I enjoy how the custom poke bowl craze has given poke as personal a profile as burgers and pizza. However, the “Chipotle of raw fish” is not what Jon at TJ’s Seafood Market & Grill aimed to do with his take on the trendy dish. Jon traveled the Cali eaterways and determined that he wanted to provide a top-notch poke option to his “Best Seafood in Dallas” repertoire. And he nails it.   Continue reading

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TJ’s Goes French For A Night

10 Jon starts off the night with a lovely Pepiere Muscadetby Joey Stewart

Ever since opening his Oak Lawn location in 2012, TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market has been hosting specialty dinners that feature seafood prepared in worldly ways and paired with wines of that region. Tuesday evening owner and purveyor Jon Alexis threw a French Style seven-course dinner to an excited and eager full house.

For each course Jon described the wine pairing, while Executive Chef Scott Hoffner discussed the ingredients and execution of the dish.  A main supplier of TJ’s, whose Red Grouper was featured in the 3rd course, was on site to tell the diners how Jon decides what fish to select (Jon can be quite picky), the state of sustainability in our oceans today, and the unique fish that often get thrown away in the U.S. while it is considered a delicacy (and pricey!) overseas.  Continue reading

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TJ’s Announces Wine and Seafood Dinner Feb 19

tjby Steven Doyle

Each month the new TJ’s Seafood Market on Oak Lawn serves up a spectacular wine paired seafood dinner at the restaurant. Jon Alexis is by far the most enthusiastic fishmonger in North Texas and takes great pride in flying in great fish selections daily from around the country.

You won’t want to miss out on this evening with Jon. Check out the menu with wine pairings after the jump. The dinner is February 19th at 7pm. Seats are limited, so make your call to Jon now and let him know we sent you. Seven Course Menu -$85; Six Course Wine Pair – $45.  Call (214) 691-2369 to RSVP today. Continue reading

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Catch Marlin Today At TJ’s

by Steven Doyle

Jon Alexis, the outspoken fishmonger behind the counter at TJ’s Seafood Market sends word today that he has some unusual fish coming in to his shop today. A large shipment from Hawaii will include Pomfret (or Monchong), Marlin, Spearfish, Opah, Wahoo and several other species.

Pomfret is a firm fish with mild sweet flavor. Similar to Pompano. Great for anything from grilling to steaming.   Continue reading

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