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Hail Caesar!

by Arnold Wayne Jones

The annual Caesar Salad Competition0 may still be the only place in town where salad eaters still have to work to avoid meat. That’s because chefs vying to be lauded with “Hail Caesar!” at the annual fundraiser for the American Institute of Wine & Food don’t limit themselves to the classic Tijuana creation by Italian chef Cesar Cardini (Romaine, Worcestershire sauce, raw egg, croutons, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice and grated Parmesan; anchovies optional).

Most choose add-ons to sway attendees, who vote on the winner. And those add-ons can be everything from a fancy bread pudding infused with chicken craklins to a side of beef (OK, maybe not a full side). And that’s were vegetarians need beware: Meat is common. Continue reading

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