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Best Queso in Dallas

o (33).jpgby Steven Doyle

The American government hordes cheese. It’s an odd deal you may want to investigate, but there are actual stores of processed American cheese, not too unlike Velveeta, in giant government warehouses on the ready to distribute to disaster victims, food banks and welfare recipients. Other governments have been offered this cheese and refused. Ronald Reagan loved the program, with piles equivalent to two pounds per person. But what can be done with this cheese? Why not make queso? Continue reading

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Matt’s Re-Opens

by Steven Doyle

For those that have been missing their weekly Matt’s fix, the restaurant opens back up tomorrow (Saturday, September 22, 2012) at 11am. Matt’s Rancho Martinez closed back in February of 2012 to relocate after losing their lease at the historic Lakewood location on La Vista Drive and was quickly replaced by the local chain Mi Cocina.

Now you can get your Bob Armstrong fix and one of those killer margaritas at  1904 Skillman Ave.

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