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Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar: “Forget All That You Think You Know”

lazy_dogby Rhonda Dutton

I was completely blindsided by Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar. My dog, Jack, is a “closed pack” dog – meaning he isn’t taking any new members into his club – he’ll play in an area that contains other dogs, such as in a dog park, but please don’t wander into his personal space or there will be a stern “talking to” to put it mildly. And, being a Blue Heeler, he is a working breed and is in no way lazy, not on this Earth or any alternate Earth, either. Therefore, Lazy Dog would most likely not have been prioritized on my where-to-eat list because we wouldn’t have been able to take Jack. In my anal-retentive-germaphobic mind (fear), I pictured it full of dog hair and scattered doggie meals, overturned chairs and crusty pooch slobber on the table edges.   Continue reading


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