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Liberty Burger Shakes Up The Girl Scouts

liberty2by Steven Doyle

Forgot to nab a few boxes of your favorite Girl Scout cookies? Do not despair; Liberty Burger is now selling their cookies in shake form.  Continue reading


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Snookies On Keller Springs Closes, Oak Lawn Location Receives Makeover

by Steven Doyle

In 1989 when Gene Street Jr. and Dace Street opened Snookies on Oak Lawn they most likely had no idea what an institution the bar would become. To this day they serve up one of the better chicken fried steaks in the old family Street tradition.

Recently the Streets announced the closure of the northern most location of Snookies on Keller Springs. A spokesperson for the company said that location had not been performing as it had in the past.         Continue reading

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Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds of the Week

by Steven Doyle

This week spun by quickly and we had a great time discovering new spots in the Dallas area to share with our audience of readers. Don’t forget, we will always take your suggestions on how to make craveDFW a better site and new and interesting hot spots for food and beverages.

With all that being said, we hot a few new and old places this week that we would love to share with you. Just in time for lunch!   Continue reading


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Patrick Henry Would’ve Loved Liberty Burger

by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

When your paterfamilias is the legendary Gene Street who brought us such restaurants as Black Eyed Pea, Good Eats and Lucky’s, you will be forever put on notice should you ever attempt to succeed in the same industry. As the rumors turned into reality the young and insightful Mariel Street succeeded as she and her siblings opened what we are sure is just the first Liberty Burger.

Far from fast food, the burger-only restaurant is splashy and delectable. When ordering your Liberty Burger it is important to realize that all the ingredients are of the fresh-n-local variety, as is the beautifully baked bun from Empire Baking Company which is the tie that binds.            Continue reading

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