Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds of the Week

by Steven Doyle

This week spun by quickly and we had a great time discovering new spots in the Dallas area to share with our audience of readers. Don’t forget, we will always take your suggestions on how to make craveDFW a better site and new and interesting hot spots for food and beverages.

With all that being said, we hot a few new and old places this week that we would love to share with you. Just in time for lunch!  

Yourway Burger is an interesting local chain with locations in Fort Worth, Keller and Farmers Branch. We hit the store on Midway in Farmers Branch which is just off LBJ. The place makes a fantastic burger, and they claim they have over 340,000 combinations. We are not so sure about that, but they do make a great burger. The wings are the shizzle, too.

It was a double burger week as we also stopped into Liberty Burger to check out what was new and exciting. The burgers were as juicy as ever, cooked will skilled perfection. The bun is of particular note; f0irm and easy to handle. Yet at the same tie the bun was crisp and fluffy. The beef is cooked any way you like with all the accoutrements you could possibly expect.

Cuquita’s is a staff favorite for Tex-Mex in the DFW area. We generally have our meetings here if they are scheduled mid-afternoon. Not sure why exactly, but it could be they make their own tamales by hand each day, as well as the tortillas. They have some of the very best Dallas has to offer, and the sauces are off the chart delicious. Besides that?

Our friend at Jon Alexis at TJ’s Seafood always tells me to eat at least three servings of seafood a week, and wewould hate to dissapoint. We stopped in at Princi Italia for this succulent trout dish. The pizza here is crazy good, as are most menu items.

We normally do not take the camera phone shots, but then you are in a bar and a plate of lamb lollipops appear to share with friends, well, you gotta grab a shot for posterity. These are the meatiest, and probably should just need to be labeled as lamb chops, but whatever you call them they are just terrific. This is at Victor Tango on Henderson.


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  1. Charles

    I like lamb lollipops

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