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New Year’s Resolutions You Can Live (And Dine Out) With

Men-dietby Shane Allen, CSM, WMS, CSN

I hope I’m not the first to tell you, but it’s 2016. In the fitness world we call the first quarter of the year “weight loss season.” Losing weight or being more healthy is hands down the number one resolution each and every year.
The result?  Gyms are packed with people who haven’t seen a treadmill in the better part of eight months. Local juiceries like Roots Juices are struggling to keep up with demand as health conscious Texans try to jump start their dieting. Your friends keep ordering salad instead of the usual burger or sauce-drenched steak.

US News & World Report and countless other publications released this week their “best diets of 2016.” Even morning TV shows like Good Morning America had a segment this week on the top three diets.    Continue reading

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Hypnotic To Feature Champagne And Caviar Donut To Kick Off New Year


Hypnotic Donuts will kick off the New Year with a champagne and caviar donut. The donut will be a white cake base with a champagne icing, gold flake and black caviar. Per Josh Griffin GM of Hypnotic Donuts, “I remember the day we were brainstorming ideas James’ (owner) first donut idea was to do a champagne and caviar donut”. The donut will only be available Jan 2nd (Hypnotic is closed on New Year’s Day).

The donut will be made to order and will sell for $10. For those that want to skip the caviar they can order a donut that consists of champagne and gold flake only. The donuts will be available in both the Dallas and Denton locations.

Hypnotic Donuts has two locations, the original at 9007 Garland Rd in Dallas, and in Denton at 235 West Hickory.



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