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Wachu TacoBot Willis? Shooters

by Daniel Leahy

Shooter’s opened in Victory Park this past January serving street and gourmet tacos along with burgers, salads, and wings. With some of the cheapest prices in the area this is exactly the kind of restaurant the AAC has need: cheap quick food and low priced drinks and all just a few steps from the main entrance to the American Airlines Center. Weekly taco and sandwich specials like this week’s Blackened Tilapia Taco or the daily lunch special with 2 tacos and a side of either the bacon cheesy rice and beans or a side salad help round out the menu.

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Wachu TacoBot Willis? El Si Hay

by Danielle Leahy           photos by Jacque Manaugh

Long rumored to be some of the best tacos in all of Dallas (and continuously pitted against Fuel City by taco connoisseurs in the know) El Si Hay does the one thing most street taco stands back away from: letting nothing but the quality of the meat shine thru.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love a well sauced/seasoned taco. Gimme a picadillo or a guisada any day of the week and make me a happy girl. But having led the Tacobots on alternating meetups between the street vs gourmet world for over a year now it’s hard not to assume that when you show up somewhere that is serving tripe or barbacoa at 11pm there’s a good chance it’s gonna be soaking in something to keep it moist. Nothing could be further from the that at El Si Hay.             Continue reading

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