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More Midnight Ramen At Ten Bells

ramenby Steven Doyle

You have heard us discuss the crazy midnight pop-up ramen feast that appears when it feels like it in Oak Cliff. In speaking with many of you I know you want to try this lush broth with homemade noodles and pork belly. Make plans this weekend to finally have a bowl for yourself.      Continue reading

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Midnight Ramen Redux At Ten Bells This Saturday

ramen1by Steven Doyle

Ramen is the hot new topic on the lips of local food types. It is the perfect food with house-made noodles, a rich steamy broth, meaty pork belly and hopefully a wonderful poached egg. Just a few weeks back local chef from Lucia, Justin Holt, hosted two nights of ramen at  a few Oak Cliff night spots. I just received a text from the chef saying he is pumped about another night of ramen at Ten Bells Tavern this Saturday night, March 9, 2013.   Continue reading


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Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds

by Steven Doyle

Each week we scour the city in search of the very best Dallas has to offer. We check into restaurants both old and new looking for interesting food to discuss with you so you can make handy decision when dining out.

We do not necessarily write up each item we enjoy, and often have photos that we will save for another week. However, we will share some of the most awe-inspiring dishes on Friday in what we like to call Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds.       Continue reading


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