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What’s Eating Your Phone?

phoneby Steven Doyle

Each week we ask the question, “What’s Eating Your Phone”? This is where we all can join in on the foodie fun and send in your latest dining photo that has you all jazzed. These are not necessarily limited to dining out, it can be from that last dinner party. And don’t think we discriminate against libations. Send in your favorite cocktail photo, too.

To be included in a future edition of What’s Eating Your Phone, send those photos to me at steven@cravedfw.com. A brief description and location would be super helpful. Here are this week’s selections:    Continue reading

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True Food Kitchen Gets Out of the Starting Gate With a Bang


by Andrew Chalk

Dateline: Friday November 15th

It was only a preview event tonight, but it already looks like a foregone conclusion that True Food Kitchen is going to have that “death star” impact that you might more usually associate with a Pappas or Badovinus opening. This, the first Texas outpost of a seven unit chain (5 in Arizona, 1 in Denver) from Fox Restaurant Concepts is the flagship for a major expansion in the state. Everything has been scrutinized, checked, and double checked to make sure it works. Although tonight was only the third time that stoves in this kitchen had been fired up, and the place was slammed with media, trade people, foodies and contributors to Café Momentum, their were remarkably few hiccups. Sure, a bit of a delay at peak time, but no big deal.

This is a slick operation and that will be solved. Speaking of Café Momentum, a delighted Chad Houser (executive director of the organization) wants to say thank you to attendees for the over $2,000 that you contributed to the organization’s work. He still won’t tell me where their permanent restaurant will open, but I get the distinct impression that it is RSN (real-soon-now). Apparently, lots of generous Dallasites are realizing that the recidivism rate among your offenders is 50%. But, put them through Café Momentum, and it drops to 15%.    Continue reading


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True Food Kitchen Coming to the Plaza at Preston Center

Dallas –As construction of the center’s new 5-story mixed-use building winds to a close, The Plaza at Preston Center is pleased to announce that a 5,915 square foot True Food Kitchen will open its doors in 2013.        Continue reading


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