I Like Pie: Pyramid Bonus Feature

by Steven Doyle

A bonus feature from last night’s meal at the Fairmont Dallas’ Pyramid in downtown Dallas was this exquisite cheesecake. I am going to exasperate chef Maggie Huff who has recently taken over the pastry duties at the hotel.

When Maggie started working for executive chef Natera at the Fairmont the asked her to make a cheesecake. She likened the cheesecake duty to that of a chef making a simple rib-eye steak. Perhaps not the most imaginative thing a pastry chef could make, she elevated the pastry with some aplomb, creating something that has sold so well Natera has asked her to keep it on the menu. 

Thus the Carrot Cake Cheesecake was born. This is an amazing blend of cheesecake and the venerable carrot cake that is made with plenty of cream cheese icing, but not too sweet that you won’t want to scarf every bite. Digging into the pastry you uncover a quarry of cheesecake that is swathed in a fresh ribbon of carrot that will surely improve your vision, or at least you can justify the dessert with that thought.

Chef Huff Explaining Cheesecake

In addition to cheesecake, Huff bakes plenty of off-menu pies that are quickly sold each day.

If you work anywhere near the hotel you may wish to pop into the restaurant for a slice of something sweet. Pie also pairs extremely well with a nice Manhattan, so you could also make it an after work stop. But do not forget the pie.

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  1. Beautiful! Sounds delicious….

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