Chef DAT Has a 27 Course Dinner Awaiting You

by Steven Doyle

Just caught word from the underground chef himself, David Anthony Temple (DAT). Seems he is celebrating life itself with the largest menu I have seen to date. Twenty seven courses (magical number, same as the name of the restaurant he is designing).

If you wish to make reservations we have the low down. Arrive at 7:30 Saturday night (tomorrow) at Spiceman’s FM 1410 – 1410 N. Fitzhughue in Dallas. The cost is $125 per person not including gratuity (prepay here or pay cash at the door). As always, it is BYOB.  Jump for the entire menu – and the list is long.   

Truffle: egg, parmesan, lemon basil blossom
Carrot: raw, roast, puree
Squid Ink: cauliflower, shiso, miso
Mustard: tatsoi, red, green wave
Arugula: feta, pine nut, thai vin
Spinach: lemon, white wine, garlic
Tomato: puree, sliced, caviar
Pickle: cucumber, okra, jalapeno
Uni: mousse, fleur de sel, white pepper
Grain: wild rice, raisin, almond
Hamachi: seaweed, ponzu, ginger
Lobster: sherry, cream, mushroom
Beans: great northern, hamhock, paprika oil
Chanterelle: white, yellow, amaretto
Porcini: pesto, balsamic, red sorrel
Matsutake: pork belly, black pepper, basil oil
Crab: au gratin, chive, tigers blood
Scallop: saffron, risotto, chocolate
Squash: blossom, 8-ball, patty pan
Gumbo: turtle, crawfish, andouille
Pork: tamale, corn puree, cilantro
Filet: potato, shallot, demi glace
Lamb: ragout, linguine, mint
Apple: seared, raw, butter
Black Garlic: ice cream, paint, sliced
Kabocha: crisp, chocolate mint, nutella
Anise: absinthe, tarragon, fennel pollen

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  1. Sheldon

    Holy BATWINGS batman!!! This sounds divine and exciting ! I’m so sorry my wife and I are out of town for huge halloween bash in NYC and have to miss tonight ! I am certain this will be an epic dinner and can’t wait to hear about it! We do hope to have the joy of attending our very first dinner after we return next week however!
    Happy halloween and have fabulous dining adventures!

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