Gorditas Are The New Black

by Steven Doyle

From a tiny cake of masa harina comes the perfect alternative to your daily taco: the gordita. It has been my ongoing pursuit of happiness to elevate the gordita to a fashionable status with mixed results.  The gordita can take on the same fillings as any taco with the added bonus of more flavor from the grilled masa. 

There is a fantastic little spot to try your hand at gorditas on Ross Avenue. Forget Tacos Y Mas. I call them out on their tacos, but commend their incredible location — and sometimes that’s what its all about. No, my gordita hang out is due west a block from that Ross-Greenville intersection inside the Shamrock gas station where they have been making tacos and gorditas for the past few years.

These little pockets of love are gently split open, stuffed with any one of a myriad of meats, then griddled to a slight crispness.

If you have a favorite gordita sighting, please let us know!


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