Look What I Ate At Mad Hatters

by Steven Doyle

I stopped in at Mad Hatters yesterday for a late lunch after spotting their daily special listed on their Facebook wall. I am a sucker for soft shell crabs and they dangled this beast  before me like the mad men they are, so I flew across town at break-neck speeds.  I am totally happy that I did. 

The restaurant is located at 400 N. St Paul, Dallas in the Hartford Building directly across the street from the post office. They offer breakfast and lunch as well as deliveries downtown for a small fee. They also offer catering.

For breakfast Mad Hatters offers he usual suspects including house-made kolaches, egg sandwiches and even Eggs Benedict. You will find plenty of sandwiches and salads for lunch, but also interesting items like a Salvadoran tamale and giant stuffed potatoes.

As for my soft shell crab sandwich, it paired  perfectly well with the home-made chicken and corn chowder, and I would happily drive across town for one again.



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2 responses to “Look What I Ate At Mad Hatters

  1. LJT

    Oh, why did you have to post this???? I’ve been trying to eat more healthy, but the site of that sandwich is making me forget all about that. And Mad Hatters is across the street from me. DAMMIT!

  2. Jay

    I eat at Mad Hatters every day and their vast selection and daily specials never get old and always keep me sated.

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