Keller: The Land of Milk and Honey

by Steven Doyle

Just days ago I aimed my car west and headed to Keller, which until now has been known for its Babe’s Chicken, at least in my mind. Stepping into boutique restaurant Milk and Honey is like walking up onto the back porch of an Amish couple at supper time, which for the uninitiated, that is a very good thing.

The restaurant actually has a southern gentility to it, and is stocked with trinkets that your grandmother coveted so much. I am talking the needle-point, the glassware, and all the photos that could be stuffed into a trunk. It’s actually very quaint and comforting.           

The night I stopped in it had been raining all day and it was late with just a single hour to closing time. Still, the restaurant was dotted with happy guests finishing up their final courses of black bottom pie. As I moseyed to my table I spotted Judy Chamberlain, who is a contributor to craveDFW and a long time food writer. She is also the hired song stylist who gently belts out requested tunes, many of the 30’s and 40’s. I have a penchant for the Rat Pack, so I knew this would be a fantastic evening.

After reviewing the menu I found a few comforting dishes to taste and sampled the wine I had brought in as this restaurant is BYOB. Again, a good thing.

Soon I would be noshing on gentrified country vittles such as fried chicken and one of the best chops I have had in ages. The selections of chicken included an airline breast and a leg. Genius. Both are served crisped, but moist and meaty. There were a few surprises including a chicken fried poached egg yolk that burst into action when sliced.

I had read about the chef just a few weeks ago where the writer explained that the chef had worked in some fancy pants dining spots in New York. Where it is true that chef Joshua Harmon had indeed cooked at Le Cirque and Buddakan, these were merely stages that enhance the chefs abilities as they travel down the path of cookery.

Although he has some classic training, Harmon did work at Chef Pointe Café in Watauga, the quirky gas station restaurant that serves up a perfect cioppino and a heavenly shepherd’s pie. The chef also worked at Stephan Pyles stating that he idolized the chef and particularly enjoys the style of Matt McCallister. That is a style of cooking that probably will be downplayed at the little Keller restaurant, at least for the time being.

Harmon’s love for cooking began as most chef’s say, from their mother. This chef is no different. She actually opened Milk and Honey as a tea room, making lovely sandwiches and sinful dessserts. He speaks of her fondly, “she treats you like you’re from new Jersey but talks like she is Blanche Devereaux. Every time I come by the house she will ask if I have eaten. She is very much that Italian mother but with a southern situation,” said Harmon.

The pair work comfortably together, and that is a good thing since Milk and Honey is a family operated business. Mom, sis, and even Harmon’s fiancé are in on the daily operations. I say this while listening to the recording of my visit when the family broke out into a rendition of “Meet Me In St Louis” which they claim is the house tune.

Milk and Honey is a fun restaurant that is hidden from time and a cold civilization. It is a place to take on a hardy repast and enjoy the company of your friends. I like that.


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18 responses to “Keller: The Land of Milk and Honey

  1. messijessi

    WOW! What a write up 🙂 So proud of everyone involved in the success of the Milk & Honey co. CHEERS!

  2. jillian

    Where is Keller??? Such a good article!!

    • jillian, Keller is a Fort Worth Suburb. We are part of Tarrant County & closely located to the Southlake area. Pull up google maps for: 129 Olive St. Keller Tx 76244 or give us a call & we’ll gladly direct you: 817-431-8484

  3. amy

    We live in roanoke, so thanks crave, great story!!

  4. jon

    Best fried chicken I have ever had. Good find this place is smoking

  5. austin

    this place really is awesome but what a great story!!

  6. wes

    I have read about this place twice now, this must be a great restaurant. Thanks for the info

  7. lulu

    That’s why this is my favorite of all the foodie websites!!

  8. miley

    WOW!! Sounds amazing, love the pork chop picture!!

  9. My little secret place is getting some exposure. Great Chefs and service can’t be hidden even in the sleepy town of Keller! Bringing some friends over tonight Chef Josh! Congrats to all!

  10. kyle

    Great story, this is one that actually made me crave something. I will be headed there this weekend for fried chicken!!!! As a chef in Dallas, i hope this place does well.

  11. chef rob

    Best restaurant in the state of TEXAS. I love pyles, the marque grill, the mansion, reata, woodshed, uchiko, voice in houston is awesome, but this place is unlike any restaurant i have ever been to. Awesome write up this place is going to be huge!!

  12. fred

    Really well written story, we cant wait to make the trip!!

  13. fred

    I have seen this place in numerous write ups, this one is fantastic!! We have to check it out, so we are going to take the trip from Austin and i hope were not disappointed!!

  14. tammy

    CANT WAIT!! This place is popping up every where, i would have never found it, thanks crave I’M THERE!!

    • jon

      I just ate here, amazing. This kid needs to be on top chef or something, he made us a salmon crudo with blackberries and herbs it was to good, he needs a place in Dallas, I think he could really be one of the best in Texas. Great write up crave!!!!!

  15. Thanks for sharing this review. I love hearing about local places. FYI, Babe’s is in Roanoke in the Unique Dining Capital of Texas. =D Good stuff!

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