Which Dallas Restaurateur Is Running For US Senate? Meet John Jay Myers

by Steven Doyle

You might have met John Jay Myers, he is the guy who owns the Deep Ellum lounge with the Cajun twist The Free Man. He also runs a screen printing company called ClearSky24 and manages several of his own properties. In addition to all this you might often catch him on a Sunday evening sitting in on a few sets with his drum kit and cigar in tow. John is a busy and seemingly content family man.   

The Free Man offers up giant platefuls of boudain balls, gumbo and other spiritual cuisine from the low country in Louisiana, but it does not offer dancing to go with the large helping of jazz offered at The Free Man. That would have cost $8,000 in unnecessary tax permits. And after all, this is The Free Man.

Did I mention John Jay is a true American freedom fighter and is running for US  Senate on the Libertarian ticket?

“I cannot rest as long as the government continues to spread violence abroad, fatten greedy corporations at home, and assault the civil liberties that define us as Americans,” said Myers during a recent interview.

Myers is about the most sober and sane man you might ever meet.  He wants to run his family-owned businesses, play the drums now and again, and smoke that cigar.  He might even enjoy lighting it once in a while without fear of retribution.

Myers  would also like for banks and the government to keep their mitts out of  his wallet.

“Most of the problems that we face as Americans are caused by unjust manipulation of government. The warfare state, terrorism, insurance, health care, energy, education and even corruption in government are all prime examples of how our government’s attempts to do good for some, backfire on us all,”  Myers continues, “Then our government uses the problems it creates to justify taking even more control out of our hands, which leads to even more people who only see government as the answer. Wrong answer.”

Enjoy that etouffee with a side of liberty.

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