DaLat Soft Opening April 18

by Steven Doyle   photo by Irene Huang

Friend of craveDFW and bridge keeper over at the blog Chomp!, Irene Huang send us news that she has already sampled the pho over at the soon-to-open DaLat which is located on Fitzhugh in the former RedFork space. She has high regard for the Vietnamese soup and said that she worked up room for not one but two bowls during a preview dinner at DaLat.  

“The noodles had great texture… weren’t overcooked. The meat was tender and thinly sliced. And the broth was the best part. It had soo much flavor. Normally I douse my pho with sriracha but I only put a small squirt of it this time. It didn’t need the extra flavor,” said Huang.

Huang reports that DaLat  will feature “homemade Pho, Banh Mi, and other Vietnamese comfort food”,  have a special late night munchies menu for the bar flies in the area, and open until 2am for the first month.

Look for DaLat to soft open April 18, 2012.

DaLat Restaurant and Bar
2537 N. Fitzhugh Ave., Dallas
(214) 827-3200


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5 responses to “DaLat Soft Opening April 18

  1. I’m not a big fan of beef pho bc it’ always has this overwhelming beefiness to it but not at DaLat which is very flavorful. The beef is tender (no mystery meat here!) and never grisly (my other problem with beef pho). My two IttyBittyFoodies have had their pho several times and enjoyed it thoroughly and like the reader says… we had more than one bowl. Owner Khanh Nguyen is just awesome and makes a mean lychee martini. We definitely recommend this place!

  2. twinwillow

    I live very close by and really look forward to their opening.

  3. HTS

    Shady/sketchy location tempted to go.. don’t want to get shot!

    • positivedad

      It’s not a shooting gallery. Butts right up against a quiet neighborhood. I used to leave my car there overnight, not once did I have a problem with it! Don’t let that comment stop you from trying this stuff. It’s worth it.

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