Win A Taste Addison For You And 3 Friends

by Steven Doyle

The 2012 Taste Addison (May 18-20) is drawing nearer and we have the hook up on the 20th anniversary event. We will be giving away several prize packages that not only include four free entry tickets, but several gift cards to Addison area restaurants just to sweeten the pot. Each pack is worth around $150.  Tell us anything about Addison that you enjoy and we will enter you into the drawing that will be held this week.          

Last week we checked out some of the vendors that will be set up at the Taste this year, and if the samples provided at the media event is any indication of what is to come, we will all have a great weekend.  Twenty restaurants of the sixty that actually participated at the long weekend event were represented and competed for the top dish of the year.  Here is how the voting went down:

Second Runner Up: Los Lupes’ Tacos De Trompo Al Pastor

First Runner Up: Chamberlain’s Fish Market & Grill ‘s Pan Seared U-10 Georges Banks Sea Scallops, Maine Lobster And Chive Mash Potato, Coca-Cola Candied Carrots, Butter Braised Scallions, Champagne Beurre Blanc, Port Wine Reduction, And Fried Mint Leaves

Grand Prize Taste: The Competition Winner Is: Thai Star’s Khao Soi

Next week will will supply you with all the necessary details and our picks for great food and fun.


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29 responses to “Win A Taste Addison For You And 3 Friends

  1. luniz

    I have 3 main things I like about it:
    1 Reasonable prices, no ridiculous parking fee
    2 Richard Chamberlain
    3 The food is not pretentious, nor is it all bottom of the barrel lowest common denominator nachos with cheese and fried “meat” nugget. Some times you can actually get an idea of what kind of food the restaurant actually serves.

  2. serena dang

    Addison is the crazy foodie district of Dallas – the first month I stayed in Dallas, my brother took me to a different restaurant each day and until today I still haven’t tried all of them yet.

  3. Irene

    Addison is our go-to area for fooding and hanging out. It’s a central location, has lots of options, and some great hidden gems if you go past the main street of Beltline. 🙂

  4. I love Addison’s theatre district and Restaurant Row.
    There’s always something new to try!

  5. alyson

    Addison is my favorite “meet in the middle” destination when I want to hang with my friends from Frisco and points north.

  6. Chris Dinsmore

    Ribs at Houston’s. Wine at Mercy. Crepes at Flippin Out. Drinks on the Patio at multiple places. Soccer at the Londoner.

  7. iampurewest

    A great park just off Beltline, flippin out crepes, fireworks in addison circle on the 4th, and I agree with Chris about soccer at the Londoner!

  8. Saul

    love its location and also how its a culture magnet for things like the world fair and the Oktoberfest which i never miss 🙂

  9. Amanda

    I love living and working in Addison because of its low-key, urban atmosphere and culturally eclectic dining options.

  10. I love all the events in Addison: Oktoberfest , outdoor movies in the summer, taste of Addison and the plays!

  11. giantsis

    I love all the varieties of food in Addison! It’s our go-to place when we want to try a new cuisine!

  12. Nisha R

    I love the energy of Addison. It’s a fun city with lots to do.
    I love the Taste of Addison so much YUMMY food!
    I really like all the bars and dining options and getting my feet done at the Hawaiian Nail Bar!

  13. I met my husband in Addison! That was pretty awesome 🙂

    Otherwise, I love the great events the city sponsors. They have always been very well-planned and affordable.

  14. Michael V

    “Most restaurants per capita”…

  15. Bob

    We love the variety, quality and quantity. I can go to the old (maybe I should say established?) places like Remingtons Seafood, The Addison Point or Andiamo for a sure thing. I also love most of the newer places as well. I know its been there for awhile, but Kenny’s is definitely one of our favs. We used to love Solly’s BBQ that sat where PeiWei is now. That guy had some great food and he was there all the time it seemed.

  16. Knight

    Food. I love the food.

  17. CathyM

    Watertower Theater!

  18. Gayla Mazzuca

    I work in Addison and just the entire feel of the area is great. I love the Watertower Theater and all the events that are held in the park. So many places to eat and the Addison Circle is a great little shopping area. The fireworks are the best in the area.

  19. Agnes

    Sigel’s – great wine selection and their apricot glazed duck is divine.

  20. Richard Vance

    This is a great give away!!! Wished I had 3 friends, this would be awesome!!!! Good Luck to all even if you don’t win go it’s a lot of fun.

  21. Laura Roush

    My favorite place in Addison would have to be Flippin’ Out Crepes. There’s just something so sentimental about a breezy Sunday morning brunch on the patio with an old friend, a warm cup of joe, and of course, one of the unique crepes from their distinctive menu. I love the savory pulled pork, or the Thai chili chicken crepe. The Lil Suzie always satisfies my sweet tooth, too.

  22. Warren Cole

    Love Addison, love the restaurants, love the clubs, love the pretty girls.
    Snuffers, Nates, Back Nine, Blackfinns, Dodies, Lefty’s and many more favorites. I hope to see all those at the Taste of Addison. I’m gonna squeeze it in this weekend for sure

  23. I will always love Addison – the amazing variety of restaurants can’t be beat! Plus years ago, I ate a fish taco there as a little girl and it changed the way I thought of food!
    And my 5-year-old son just told me the best part of Addison is their fire station with the airport fire truck. I think he’s going to be alone on that one though!

    Thanks for the chance!

  24. NeverCook

    I live three blocks from Addison and front on a golf course. What could be better. An outrageous number of restaurants within a one-mile radius of my house. The movies are coming back to Village on the Parkway (again–20 years later). The theater space is the best in the city.

    This vibrant community is unlike anything in the rest of the Metroplex. Addison honors its past as well as celebrating its present: The Addison Circle Park has rail stops embedded in the sidewalk. The odd Blue Thing in Addison Circle is designed as historic theme panels (however obscure) on poles. Quiz: can you name the three historic Addison buildings still here?

  25. Shane

    Chamberlain’s giant pork chop. I think in the restaurant it’s $25, but at the Taste is more like $6.

  26. Kyle Harris

    You can smoke at Addison bars!!!

  27. Desiree Leverett

    It’s a great place for us North Dallas folks that live in Suburbia for some fun and entertainment without having to go to Uptown or Deep Ellum area.

  28. LuAnn Bergman

    I am not big on driving north of LBJ for anything but I do love all the options that Addison offers! Spent part of my last weekend there! Chamberlains rocks!

  29. It’s in the middle.

    I can smoke.

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