Prepare For Margarita Meltdown Tonight With $5 Ritas

by Steven Doyle

We have been touting this weekend’s Margarita Meltdown (Sunday, May 27th, 3pm) with vigor for a few reasons. Besides the fact we are sponsors of the event, we also happen to enjoy a fantastic margarita.

You can prepare for this event tonight by stopping in one of the many participating bars or restaurants. The list of participants is growing with lightening fast momentum. If you are a bartender in Dallas, Texas and can’t make a decent margarita perhaps it is time to select another industry. Thankfully we have some very special entries in this competition where you are the judge.   

Mesa, Smoke, Windmill Lounge, The Chesterfield, TABC, Sfuzzi, El Ranchito, La Calle Dolce, J. Pepe’s, Café Maya, Tate’s, Iron Cactus, Hacienda on Henderson, The Standard Pour, Cyclone Anaya’s , Maximo, Asador, Four Lounge , Veracruz Café, Central 214, Whiskey Cake and Sundown at Granada will be offering preview margaritas tonight for the low price of $5 each.

Make your way around town and sample a few of these concoctions. You will have the inside track on the best of the best.

Tickets are still available online as well as VIP passes that include brunch at either Iron Cactus or Hacienda on Henderson. VIP also gets you a bus ride to and from the event in the Bishop Arts District, so no need to concern yourself with parking.  Grab either ticket on this website.


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