Two New DEBC Beers Premiering This Month

Deep Ellum Brewing Company will launch two brand new beers to the market starting July 31st – one is a seasonal and one will join the year-round lineup for DEBC.  Yes, “Wealth and Taste” is a Rolling Stones reference (but also an homage to the originator of this style of beer – Duvel.  Duvel actually means devil in Flemish) and is a seasonal batch.  It was built in two 30 barrel batches – one batch was aged in Chardonnay barrels and one batch went through the normal fermentation process then they were blended together to get the balance they were looking for. 

This beer will not be brewed again this year so will be in extremely limited supply – get it while you can.  Dallas Blonde joins the ranks of DEBC’s year-round beers and will be a light, easy drinking beer with a DEBC twist – more of a hop flavor without the bitterness and they use some wheat in it.

Here are some tasting notes from Tait Lifto, a trusted beer  ninja at DEBC:

Wealth & Taste

9.5% 25 IBUs
Barrel Aged Belgian Golden Strong Ale w/ Muscat Grape Juice

Please allow me to introduce our first barrel aged release, Wealth & Taste. It is a strong, golden Belgian-style Ale brewed with Muscat grape juice, Grapefruit peel, rose hips and chamomile flowers and partially aged in Missouri White Oak barrels that spent the last seven to eight years housing Chardonnay in Napa. A siren and a seducer of significant potency, an opportunistic beverage overflowing with opulence now, but content to lay in waiting for just the devilishly decadent moment.

Style: Barrel Aged Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale
Hops: Summit and/or Bravo, Palisade, Liberty
Malts: Pilsner, White Wheat, Dark Munich
Yeast: Belgian blend
Other: Muscat Grape Juice
Dallas Blonde
5.2% 23 IBUs
Citrusy balanced session ale

What does it mean to be a Dallas Blonde? Sounds like a loaded question.

So load it up did, with citrusy and floral American hops, Pale, Vienna and Wheat malts. Yielding a delicately balanced, and shimmering golden ale. To us, it just goes down easy.

Style: American Blonde Ale
Hops: Summit and/or Bravo, Glacier, Palisade, Meridian
Malts: Pale Ale, Vienna, White Wheat
Yeast: English Ale

Launch Parties:

The Common Table, July 31, 5pm – whenever, Wealth & Taste

Katy Trail Ice House, August 3, 5pm – whenever, Dallas Blonde

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