Tales Of The Cocktail 2012

by Steven Doyle

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Tales of the Cocktail, the largest bartending convention in the world, held each year in New Orleans. Last year we brought you up-to-the-minute coverage as our reporters on the scene slugged through many dozens of hospitality suites, sampling the latest in cocktails.

This year we have more correspondents attending Tales and a few well respected photographers that will bring us great news and glad tidings from the Crescent City, including the newest addition of a Dallas cocktail event taking place Wednesday morning.            

We have also asked a few local bartenders attending the event to do a few write ups from their perspective on the event. Last year’s highlights including parties featuring garish costumes, over-the-top carnival acts, and cocktails made with milk and eggs procured from live animals at the event.

Look for reports to start coming in as early as tomorrow afternoon. If you find that your favorite bartender is off this week, you can bet they will be in NOLA samplings tequilas and chomping on oyster po boys.

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