Bacon Tour 2012

by Steven Doyle

It’s no secret that I am a wandering tour guide for the city’s best restaurants. I feel it is my role at craveDFW and I am an actual food guide on weekends with Dallas by Chocolate. But I have done this for years. Weekends I would take my friends on tiny excursions around Dallas on warm Saturday afternoons, showing them my favorite spots to hang out for a cold beer or a savory bite.

Our impromptu tours might have included grabbing a bottle of wine and a sandwich at Jimmy’s Food Store, only to enjoy on Tom Spicer’s back patio next door which during a conversation might lead to the best mussel battle and we would be off to enjoy a shared batch at Vickery Tavern. This would lead to tacos at Cool and Hot in Oak Cliff, followed by cocktails at Bolsa and a late pizza and a beer at Nova on Davis.   

Last weekend might have been the mother of all tours I have been on so far. It was Bacon Tour 2012. A jaunty adventure that led us across the city in pursuit of all thing bacon.

Our day started at a beautiful shop in the Design District called Again and Again. The space is ripe with fantastic furniture finds and lends itself to setting up tables to show different products throughout the vast warehouse space.  There we sampled bacon bloody Mary’s made with Garden District Bloody Mary Mix along with  Aylesbury Duck Vodka infused with bacon by Jason Kosmas. You can find the mix at Bolsa Mercado in Oak Cliff, FYI.

Other samplings at Again and Again included Bark Chocolate Bacon and Henry’s Ice Cream made with giant shards of bacon, and Pookie’s Donuts all slathered in bacony goodness.

Next stop was to Zen Bistro and Dessert Bar where we devoured a mound of bacon infused cupcakes that they call Oink. These are chocolate cupcakes with a prize candied bacon topping.

We had not yet reached pork saturation so we dashed over to Mextopia, home of the Bacon Happy Hour. Yes, an actual happy hour devoted to bacon. Order a beer and you are supplied plenty of bacon that is seared with brown sugar and spices. Genius.

We moved on to Central 214 where we not only sampled pancetta (it’s bacon!) but also a house-made beef bacon along with a demonstration on how to actually make our own bacon. This was a particular thrill for the crowd. We were treated to samples of the beef bacon in a special salad they offer each day at the restaurant.

We ended the day with more bacon surprises. A pizza made with pancetta at Dough Pizzeria. Dough is one of my very favorite Neapolitan pizzas in Dallas. The place is located on Forest at Preston, and they crank out a good pie. I generally harp on their burrata, but this pizza was killer.

We ended our excursion by heading back to Again and Again where we downed more bloody Mary’s and polished off the remains of the Henry’s bacon ice cream.  This was an amazing tour that left my guests satiated with smoked pork. We will do this again soon I am sure, but until then check out one of the many other tours we offer. This Sunday we will be throwing down an amazing chocolate tour. The website explains.

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